Pakistan’s First Transgender Film “Shanakht”

(Zubair Shaukat, Lahore)

Shanakht film official poster

In our Pakistani Muslim society they face varicolored problems. They face problems right after the birth or after the symbolization, their families treat them with cruel behavior. They face torture in their daily routine life by their family so they leave the house in these circumstances. When they get out of their home, society has also very harsh behavior with them, transgender are mostly prey of denigrated and raped. Government also fails to rehabilitate their rights and take some serious actions to protect them. However some non-government welfare organizations are doing their best. Through media different dramas are telecasted on their issues but because of some obligations people couldn’t get their problems. In this situation this is intensely feel that there should be a film which presents transgender emotions. To the point of this topic “Shanakht” film is produced, which you will be watch in cinema houses soon in March. Hope so that public and even government can understand their problems in better way through this film, and we hope that maybe through our film transgender can get their identity “Shanakht” in this society.
Writer and Director by
Zubair Shaukat
Film/ Shanakht

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