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Once there was a girl, whose presence was a source of happiness and pleasure for her parents. Her voice was like a bird chirpings, her actions spread smile on all faces. One day she went to her aunt’s house for reciting Quran, but did not came back. Her family members searched for her madly and found her dead on a dump of garbage.

This is the story of Zainab Bibi from Qasoor. She was the universe for her parents, brother and sisters. Her uncles checked the CC TV footages and identified the culprit, but Police lacked sketching skills, and so sketched the picture wrongly. To waken the sleeping police and make them realize their role, the people protested for justice. But alas, they were beaten and shoot to death for raising their voice. Media focused the incident, showed the video footage for the whole day. It all went in vain and to no avail.
The culprit is still moving freely in our country and soon will repeat the same heinous act if not arrested on time. This is not the first incident that has happened in Punjab but there are many such incidences only few of which get reported and majority goes unreported.

The whole nation was mourning and was praying to Allah to show the real culprit was horrified with another such incident that happened in Sindh where a relative raped a girl in her own house when her family members were out. Media gave coverage and again requested the ignorant police to wake up and give justice. Meanwhile another case came in news from Mardan where a five-year girl was raped and killed by an unknown man. As usual people raised their voice and cries for justice were silenced in the name of investigation.

Child! a precious gift of Allah, a blessing on a family, a life, is dying for no reason, is being abused upon his/her innocency, are smuggled for mean reasons in my country. Cry and ask, is this the reward of my sincerity?

Today when I turned on the TV with hope to see the evil face of Zainab’s murderer, was shocked to see a video footage on ARY, where a Qari was busy in beating small kids and beating a 10-year-old Muhammad Hussain to death in Karachi.

Zainab, Asma, Mohammed Hussain and many other children who lost their lives are asking a question from the entire nation “how can you people not do anything about it”.

I am sorry Zainab, Asma, Muhammad Hussain and many children who lost their lives I do not have answer for your question as I am Pakistani.

Pakistan a land of peace, a land of courageous people lost their courage today to help and identify the culprits. We are dumb and deaf, despite seeing the culprits, hearing the mourning voice of the kids, watching innocent children beaten to death. My question to you all is, that is this the nation our Quaid dreamt of?

No, never, not at all. He dreamt of a land of peace where everyone will live their lives to the fullest. Where all will be free to follow their faith, where there will be justice. The nation of brave sons is being damaged by evil eyes of our own.

Our life our kids are not safe anymore and we do not have right to get justice as we do not belong to an elite or influential family.

I started the year with a reflection on 2017 incidents that has shaken our souls badly and requested to not to do the same with other. In my article I wish to have changed experiences in 2018. Sadly, the year started with the same experiences more horrifying than the previous one. I will ask the same question I asked previously, who is to blame.

The parents who never forget to identify the minor actions of their family members, discuss and fight for years forget to teach their kids the concept of right and wrong.

The siblings, whose responsibility is to take care of their younger ones. The neighbors who walk blindly on streets and do not bother to observe suspicious people in surrounding.

The shopkeepers, who are good in staring the girls and gossiping, ignored the young Zainab and Asma going with an unknown person.

The teacher who lost his or her temper on children’s minor mistakes and torture a child for months, never build trusting relationship with their students so they can share their problems and get guidance. The Police, get salary for our protection, or the law makers, who have responsibility to ensure peace and justice in the nation.
Main kis kay hath pa apna lahu talash karu
K sary sahar na pehny huaye hain dastany

Sorry to say, the last decade clearly showed that they all are sleeping a deep slumber, waiting for a prince to come and wake them up.

Dear parents stop crying as you will not get justice in this country. Wake up and let’s do something for our kids, lets protect them from the culprits.

Dear siblings stop worrying without action. Leave your mobiles on side and focus on your younger ones help them grow in a safe and secure environment.

Dear neighbors, shopkeeper stop discussing other families and daughters, change your lenses and watch the unknown dubious people in your surroundings and identify them before any incident happens. As today your neighbor is affected, tomorrow it could be you.

Dear Police, please wake up and play your role as you are selected for justice. Please be active, think critically and improve your sketching.

Dear law makers, we elected you all with hope to have peace and live a prosperous life, but instead we are losing lives every second. Please play your roles and make rules that can make a man think twice before taking a mean step.

Dear teachers, the name you selected for yourself is a name selected by Allah for his prophets. Please play your role positively. Reflect on the worthy name you have been given. Practice patience and passion as a professional and help our kids realize their worth.

Dear School Heads please play your role proactively as children do not follow words but actions. Please we not only want to get knowledge, skills but attitude as well. We need a changed nation, a nation that is not only peaceful but also spread peace for all.

Dear society please arrange counselling and child rights & protection sessions for parents and our youth.

Dear policy makers, please make life skills and self-defense a part of curriculum and implement it at early childhood level so our kids can be able to not only to defend themselves but live a happy and healthy life.

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to play and we must fulfil our responsibilities diligently.


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آپ کی رائے
An eye opening article for all of us...being mother; neighbour, socity member as well as a teacher...
By: Saba taha, Rawalpindi on Mar, 12 2018
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