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Today my topic is about social education & public awareness about laws. Our government has enacted so many laws to improve socio economic conditions of the society. Today I want to bring in to your kind attention that in this era of e-world, Our government has taken steps and trying to computerize all the departments. In this respect the department issuing driving license has also been computerized. But this is miserable to point out that when you reach the office of Superintendent traffic police for getting the license. This office can be approached from three sides including the Lower Mall, Court Street and the veternary university.

When any one desirous of getting driving license reaches in the near about of the office, he witnesses lots of agents, persons or group of persons sitting outside the office and offering the packages to get the driving license even without going through Physical test. Ignore this legal aspect of the matter, please note that when you reach the section where drivers are being photographed for the license. Any one of us can easily observe lots of problems including but not limited to non-existence of waiting area, no system for applicability of laws and the miserable situation of the office.

By this note I want to bring into the notice of the highups that please implement proper system for getting driving license because all types of persons including females go there and have to face lot of embarrassment there.

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