Forgiveness is best revenge

(Hajra Aslam, jehlum)

Story start
‘’He was lying on couch when the doorbell rang, he stood up walked down the stairs and approach the door. ‘Chairman’’ when he opened the door a man in his sixties standing there.
‘’Yes I hear it from Zara that you are not feeling well’, are you all right, the man asked the young man while smiling. They entered in his room the sun was glowing from the window, the window which almost cover the whole wall. The young man sat on the sofa lying right side of the door.
His name was Ali, he was about 27 years in age, with a handsome face and a little bit of beard and moustaches. He was wearing jeans, shirt and a brown leather jacket.
The old man whom the young man called chairman was now standing in front of a painting hanging on the wall, ‘’what is with this scene in the painting, it seems like I have seen it somewhere’. The chairman said.
‘’Of course, you have seen it ‘’ Ali mumbled in his mouth.
‘’Did you say anything?’ the old man asked from Ali.
‘’No’’ he nodded.
‘’Ok, I came here to invite you to have a lunch with me tomorrow. I have something about hospital to discuss with you. You know tomorrow is very important for you and for us also.’’ The man said this to him and he was looking happy but Ali himself wasn’t that happy.
‘’Ok I will get to go now ‘’ the man stood up, Ali also stood up in order to walked him out.
* * *
Ali was standing in front of the painting hanging his room, he was well dressed because today he was appointed as a new chairman of the hospital as he was a capable young surgeon.
In the painting, it was raining, an eleven years old boy was kneeled down in front of a man and was being held by a body guard. The man’s face wasn’t clear enough to be recognized.
‘’Father, look I am just a step away from my goal. I must avenge for your death’’. He took a file from the drawer and a picture and rushed to the old man’s house.
* * *
He entered in the chairman’s room, he was sitting on the sofa.
‘’Come Ali, sit here let’s have a chat.’ the old man offered him.
‘’ From now on you are the new chairman of hospital ‘’. Old man said to him but he just smiled in return.
‘’Be responsible and put all your effort to make this hospital no. 1,’ the old man advised him.
‘’Yes I know chairman’’ he replied.
‘’what! You are already engaged to Zara and you gays are getting married soon but you are still calling me chairman, the old man lectured him ‘’you are my successor and only son-in-law just call me dad as Zara do’’.
‘’Ok’’ he nodded.
‘’But I have a surprise present for you’’ he said to the old man.
He put the file in front of the old man. As the old man opened the file his facial expression changed, there were the record of his corruption and his secrets.
‘’W…what is this. ’He looked at him furiously.
‘’Not only this, today I am here to ask you something else’, he replied.
‘’Chairman, do you remember the man in the picture and the boy standing beside him also.’’
* * *
‘’Doctor what happened to my father he was good when they bring him to surgery room how come he is dead now’? An 11 years old boy was kneeled down in front of the chairman, it was a rainy day, and he was crying badly and asking for reason of his father’s death.
‘’My father was just ill he had no serious illness, tell me the truth why ….. Why he died? Don’t make my father’s death a question? He was still crying.
‘’I already told you that we have tried our best but we are failed to save him’’. He replied to the boy.
‘’No, you’re lying ‘’ the boy wasn’t accepting it.
‘’take him away, what a child, he was fated to die. ’The chairman seemed to be upset too.
‘’Chairman… remember me I must find out the truth and come back to seek the revenge for my father’’ the guard was taking him out but he was shouting at the chairman.
* * *
‘’Who are you and how did come you have this picture ‘’the old man looked pale and yellow.
‘’If you really don’t remember then I won’t mind to remind you’’ he put his finger on the picture ‘’this is the man who died in your hospital 16 years ago’’ he pointed toward the boy ‘’and I am his unfortunate son’.
‘’Why did you killed my father why did you took the right from him to live, just to save your own daughter you implant my father’s heart in her, you killed him answer me, do you have anything to say?’ Tears were flowing down on his face.
‘’You are murderer, and now your reputation and your daughter both are in my hand, let me avenge for my father’’ he wiped his tears cruelly and stood up.
But the old man was not listening anymore because he was collapsed and now he was unconscious.
‘’Should I let him die and avenge my father’s death or not? He was looking at old man.
His hands were dialing the emergency number. May be wasn’t born to be evil or maybe he don’t have courage to do the same thing as old man do. He took 10sec to make a decision.
He gave the old man CPR(Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions often with artificial ventilation in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures to save the person)
‘’ I am not you, considered it as a gift for your daughter because I also don’t want to lose her’ he left the old man and get out from his home as he know that the emergency team will be there in 10min.
* * *
‘’ I spent 16 years of my life in the fire of revenge but today I get the peace of mind my heart is at ease’’, he was walking along the street going toward his home.
‘’ they are right forgiveness is best revenge’ I am relieved.

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