Who are to be succeeded.

(Muhammad Hammad, Karachi)

Who are to be succeeded.

Allah is the greatest. Allah, who is alone to be worshiped. He has bestowed us the great lives. He has taught us by “Qalam” (Pen) and he taught the human which he (human) did not know and after the admiration of Almighty Allah, all Durood o Salaam for the one who is the ideal of every Muslim. Who bore all problems for his Ummah (followers). If we want to get success we must follow him and we have to obey Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as he said before leaving the world, “I am leaving two things among you if you hold them tightly you can never be misguided, they are “Quran” and my “Sunnah.”
Almighty Allah describes in his last Holy Book about the successful people and about them who are astray so that the people may select their way, where do they have to go and Allah also describes the qualities of Successful people and he also describes the acts of the people who will gain loss at the Day of Judgment.
Allah S.W. explains in Surah Al-Monimoon (the believers) six qualities of the one who succeeds here and hereafter.
• Allah says: “Certainly will the believers have succeeded” (23:1)
Indeed, every one of us wants to be succeeded so Allah is explaining some of the qualities, adopting which one can be succeeded.
• “They who are during their prayer humbly submissive” (23:2)
If we focus on this verse we will come to know that Allah does not explain the quality of performing Salah but he explains about those who beseech in their prayers. Means, performing Salah is not enough for being succeeded but to beseech in. now, the question is how to perform Salah with great concentration (Khushoo and Khuzoo). Here is a saying of the last prophet mentioned in Sahi Al Bukhari that, “Perform Namaz as you are looking at your God or if your belief is not as strong then you should at least know that he is looking at you” (as the Prophet said). Surely, if we have belief that he is watching us, our prayers will be humbly submissive. Insha’Allah.
• “And they who turn away from ill speech” (23:3)
Usually we find Zakah with Salah in the Holy Quran but here Allah is not giving an order of paying zakah but the quality he mentions between Zakah and Salah is being away from vain talk which shows its importance itself. It is the second quality which he mentioned accordingly and this quality is affixed with first quality because it is impossible that the one who is humbly submissive in his prayers, would favor ill speech or vain talk it is the rule of Quran in which Allah says: “Surely, Salah restrains one from shameful and evil acts” (Al-Anklaboot: 45) so, what I understand is, the person who performs Salah will be far away from bad and useless talks. But we observe that the people are performing Salah never the less they are doing shameful and evil acts, why is it so? If our Salah does not stop us from bad deeds, we must rectify our prayers whether we are performing them with humbly submissive or we don’t.
• “And they who are observant of zakah” (23:4)
The believers never get rid of paying Zakah because they know it is one of the most important pillars of Islam. If all rich people pay zakah the poverty will be finished from the world, it is the blessing of Islam. Paying zakah is the duty of all rich people who ought to pay it and they cannot be in the list of successful people without paying zakat because Allah has categorized zakah at third among six qualities mentioned in this Surah.
• “And they who guard their private parts” (23:5)
It is the most important quality of the momineen who believe in Allah and those who want to be succeeded. The value of this verse could be understood by the saying of the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Once he was addressing to his followers that there would be a man at the Day of Judgment having his good deeds as much heighted as you see the mountains of the Makkah but Allah will send an storm which will fly those deeds like ashes and he is the one whose living style or whose life is different when he is in gathering and he bears different life style while he is alone. Means he has two different life styles which do not suit on believers (Momineen). If one hates sin while he is among people although he does whenever he gets aloneness, the person who acts like this, his good deeds will not benefit him. Here we have a lesson to understand that the guard of our private parts is very necessary and beneficial for us. One more hadith of the prophet will benefit you, the messenger of Allah said: if you ensure me to protect two things that you would use them at their right place, I ensure you Jannah, first which is between your jaws, Tongue and another which is between is your legs, Private part”. What I think no need to mention as to why Allah has added this quality in these six.
• “Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed” (23:6)
Here Allah has described the limitation for using our private part which is the legal way to utilize and in this case none will be blamed.
• “But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors” (23:7)
First Allah has given the limit and then Allah is describing about those who want to cross their limit by deserving anything more than these two, they are surely among them who cross the limitation of Allah and they will be at great loss
• “And they who are to their trusts and their promises attentive” (23:8)
It all about them who regard their trusts and their covenant because it is the specialty of the believers who are going to be succeeded and about whom Allah has described that they have achieved their goals.
• “And they who carefully maintain their prayers” (23:9)
The point is to understand here is, Allah has described two qualities out of 6 about Salah which itself describes the importance Salah and here Allah is not ordering to perform Salah but he explains that the People who keep watch to their prayers, are the real believers who have been succeeded. Maintain Salah is the quality of believers and those who do not take care of Salah they are out of the category of believers. The people who do not take care of Salah means they are wasting their Salah and how they are wasting we have to understand so that we may not be among them. Wasting Salah means, performing them late which means wastage of Salah, as Allah has described in the holy Quran, “Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times” (Nisa-103). Wasting Salah also means to perform it against the way of the prophet, which is called Sunnah, because every work which is done against sunnah will be unacceptable. It is now clear that he Momineen do not waste their prayers but they carefully maintain them as the Holy prophet taught.
Now after describing these six qualities Allah is telling the reward for those who really follow and adopt them in their practical life. We must know if we spend our lives according to these steps and teachings we will be rewarded as much as we could not even imagine. Allah describes the reward,
• “Those are the inheritors. Who will inherit al-Firdaus (Jannah). They will abide therein eternally.” (23:10/11)
Finally, this is the reward for those who will spend their lives adopting these qualities mentioned above. The person who follows these teaching will own Jannah where he will remain eternally.

May Almighty Allah reward us his beautiful Jannah. May Almighty Allah guide us to the true and straight path walking on which we may get his Jannah which he made for believers who believe in him and do not do Shirk with him.
May we be blessed. Amen
The End…

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