Boss or Brother

(Nadia Niaz, Rawalpindi)

What comes first in your mind when you read this title? Is your boss like a brother or can your brother become your boss? Well that’s not pretty much easy.

A few days ago my boss said me that you are just like my sister and I replied ” I am not your sister, I am your employee.” Why did I say this to him? Why did I refuse to become his sister? Was I thinking of some Romeo-Juliet type relationship with him? No, that’s not the case.

In my view, we should enjoy all our relationships in their true essence. For example, a boss must be a boss, not a brother or father. A fiance must be a fiance, not a husband or wife. A colleague must be a colleague, not a brother or sister.

Now here a question arises; what is the problem if a boss says that “I am just like your brother and you are just like my sister?” Well the answer is that your boss is your boss and your brother is your brother. There can be very healthy relationship between a boss and employee. The sanctity of this relationship can be maintained without the label of sister and brother. Similarly fiance is your fiance; you have whole life to spend it as husband and wife so when you are fiance then enjoy that time as fiance. Two colleagues can enjoy their relationship without the tag of sister and brother.

I know my readers are intellectuals and many of them will argue that sister and brother type relationships create more warmth, care and cooperation during work. Your argument is 100% correct but why can’t you care for your employee or for your boss??? Why can’t you cooperate as colleagues???

The summary of this long speech is that we should enjoy all our relationships according to their spirit and charm. All relationships can become beautiful if you add five tea spoons of care, five tea spoons of cooperation and ten table spoons of humanity in them. If there is nothing evil in your mind then there is no excuse to change the nature of relationship. Your boss must be your boss and your brother must be your brother. Now you have to choose Boss or Brother??

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آپ کی رائے
As a manager, all your relationships should be bounded and defined. They’re not about liking, chemistry, or personality. Relationships that are personal can only produce disappointment in the long run.
By: Arshad, Rawalpindi on Apr, 22 2018
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Thank u sir for your comments
By: Nadia Niaz, Rawalpindi on Apr, 23 2018
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