Lust or something else

(Jawwad ul hassan, Islamabad)

Beyond ideas of wrong doing
• People are driven away by doing what’s right and what’s wrong
• But true purpose lies beyond that in the world of love.
• It’s deep inside recognition of love, serenity and humbleness of every person.
• Right or wrong leaves us vulnerable to argumentative defeat and may some acts as right although they aren’t
• Gist : a man should guide himself not by books enumerating what’s good or bad but by his heart. Because heart follows the path of love.
• Revolves arround the idea “what your heart desires is basically what God wants from you “

When the soul lies down...
Mine interpretation is quite different might be away from what writer wants to tell
• Word grass shows man’s submission and going down to the ground.
• Like Shakespeare said men waste their lives holding off to false pride and useless unworthy ambitions...
• If you leave them distance yourself from those false illusions you’ll see the true purpose
• Further more when a man walks om earth his face is toward earth a limited area. But when he lies down on grass he’ll looking towards the sky a truly limitless thing with overwhelming vastness and there’s o lust because it’s kinda unaccessible no jealousy but only admiration and love for the creator for the vast creTion
Knock he’ll open the door.
• In discourse of life when a man calls for Allah he’ll definitely answer by showing omens.
• If you immerse your self basically your will then he’ll make you what you want to be a shining sun. Meaning will reach to its peak.
• Fall means submission to Allah.... Bowing down and you will rewaded with heaven
• Become nothing means take off that dress of false pride your made of dust and destined to become dust realize this fact then you will recognise what’s inside of you that makes God to love you... His image.
Raise your words
• Imorove the standard of argument rather then pitch because a man should speak to convince no silence the audience thunderous night might rinv fears but its that light rain that makes the morning beautiful and plants grow.

I. In your light...
This one is tough for me... Tell me if you can get this one
The universe is not outside...
• Goes with the idea of self reliance.
• You’re not a drop in ocean but an ocean in a drop. Rumi
• Never think less of you.


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