How To Be Positive

(Sidra Shoaib, Karachi)

We are always suggested by people to think positive and even we suggest the same to others. There is misconception that being positive is all about being happy. So no this is not the case. Being positive does not mean being happy always. No one can be happy 24/7 and its a fact. But being positive can help us tackle our problems easily. Thinking positive in the most negative situation and interpreting things in a positive way can change our lives. But i know its easy to say but its the most hardest thing to do. The question is how can one be positive? So here are some ways by which you can start thinking and acting positive.

1. Accept your problems and who you are. Do not live in denial. If you start accepting the facts about yourself then it will help you in the process of being positive. For example if you are an introvert so accept it and dont try to show the world that you are extrovert. This will only develop more negative feelings in you and will make you unhappy too. Accept who you are and dont care about the world.

2. Make goals. Setting goals makes a person confident and hopeful. But make sure to set small goals rather than setting some big goals right away. Be realistic in setting your goals.

3. Try to stop taking little little things such as people comments on your heart. Avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive people. The more you will hear and see the positivity the more you will act and think positive.

4. Be kind to others. Spread love and happiness in your environment. Start doing what you love to do. Start enjoying your own company.

5. Dont be afraid of failure. Start believing that trying is the key and failures are the key for becoming successful. And last but the most important think is to show gratitude and stop complaining. No matter what just keep thanking ALLAH and have full faith in HIM.

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Sidra this is one of the best things i came across since days... inspirational it is 🤗
By: Aamna Yusuf, Hollywood, florida on May, 21 2018
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Well written Sidra!! I think everyone who comes across this article can take something away from it. Love how you didn't tackle big complicated topics and just spoke about the simple little lifestyle changes that we can all make to have a positive mindset. It's so true that everything in life seems more meaningful if you look at it from a positive perspective, so thank you for reinforcing that through this article ! Hope everyone who reads this is able to make an improvement in their own personal mindset and has a great day!
- Khadija :)
By: Khadija, Toronto on May, 19 2018
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Wow! I genuinely felt postive vibes my way while reading this.❤ Very WELL WRITTEN!!
By: Fajar, Is on May, 19 2018
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Awesome ☺️👍
By: Fayeza Wangde, Sharjah on May, 19 2018
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Very useful and inspiring! All points are valid and stimulating!
By: Mallika, Delhi on May, 19 2018
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