Beauty And Reflections

(Alina Ali, )

I lost a couple strands of hair today.

Ammaa says that my hair will become stronger and shinier with the special oil she massages on my scalp once in every two days. Everyone in the family has loved my mane and the way I look. Dadi always puts a black teeka behind my right ear to keep away all harm from me.

some of my classmates are beauty freaks. But instead of the natural beauty, they go for all kinds of made up perfection to show others how flawless they look. Following in their footsteps, some of the not so popular girls transform themselves into someone they’re not, just to match the beauty standards defined by other people.

All I see around me is that every person, be it a boy or a girl, is running after perfection without actually realizing that their imperfections are what make them unique. Everyone wears these fake masks for so long that their originality starts to fade away with time. Today’s generation is all about looking good instead of being good.

If you look through my eyes, even the overweight girl who carves out tally marks on her body is as beautiful as the girl with spotless, shiny skin. Everything that lives is beautiful. Every breath we breathe is a proof that we are a miracle.

Amaa tells me at times that we are all living paintings and that whenever there are tough times and one needs to find magic, all they need to look into is the mirror.

I look in the mirror at times and try to love the reflection that stares back at me. I look at my eighteen year old self and look at my receding hairline. My beautiful hair, taken away by the chemo sessions.

My cancer got detected when I was seventeen and since then, my life has changed completely. Earlier, I wanted to fit in. Now, I just want to live. This one year of struggles has changed the way I look at life. Harry Potter series are my favourite. The one thing that has me hooked to them is the fact that Harry overcame every difficult situation and defeated the Dark Lord. If he can be the boy who lived, I will be the girl who survived.

I lost a couple strands of hair today. Some from the very few I have left.


Alina Fatima

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