I was bullied by a girl, but I can’t utter a word, because I AM A MAN!

(Arsalan, Karachi)

It is normal imperative to look out for love specially when you are young and want someone in life with whom you can share your feelings. The same thing happened to me as I fell in love with a girl in my college. It all started well for about a month until I realized that things are not good. I was monetarily exploited by my girlfriend. At first it seemed like normal to pay for a coffee or lunch because I AM A MAN, but things started getting worse over time. I started paying her postpaid bill, I started paying for her cigarettes, I became her full time driver, wherever she wanted to go, I was 5 minutes away, and all these services was not only for her but for her girl squad as well.

Initially it felt normal but in 6 months, I was exhausted. I was spending more money on her than I ever used to spend on myself. The guilt was more because it was not mine but my parent’s money that I was throwing for no reason. Well, when you’re in relationship with someone for almost half a year, you share your feelings, secrets and things that you don’t want society or even your friends to know.

After one point, I decided to quit on it. I decided to break up with her. I realized there is no such thing as love in this scenario but rather I was exploited throughout this relationship period. But I never realized she was being a Mark Zuckerberg and she collected data of all the call records and screenshots of my secret conversations that I did with her. Everyone has secrets in life. I found her trustworthy but I never realized that reality is opposite of what I thought.

Now, at this point, I was at the verge of exploitation. I couldn’t do anything because I was blackmailed and bullied for my doings and because of my trust over her. Adding insult to it, I cannot do anything but to keep on being bullied because I AM A MAN and I cannot utter a word.

At last, I quit on this drama and stop being bullied and exploited. I switched off my phones and never contacted her back again. I was afraid for the fact that my secrets can be revealed, but fortunately it never happened. I got lucky and I still didn’t know why I was never contacted by that girl. I think she got someone else to be exploited for her. But what I got is lesson that will remain with my life.

It is not easy to be bullied but it’s very easy to get out of it. It just need guts and patience. But in this society, where it is easy for women to blame anyone for harassment, it is equally difficult for a man to speak for himself but it is not manly to do so.

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