Small Tips for Better Grades

(Muneeba Shafiq, Karachi)

1. Expand your resources .
  - Go to your local library to study when you get the chances
    Sometimes changing your environment can help you study more efficiently.

2. Review your material every day.
  - You do not have to completely review everything all the time, but
    skimming your notes so nothing slips from your minds. 

3. Change your class habits.
  - Try sitting in the front of your class instead of the back if you have the option. Most may not like this, but I’ve found sitting in the front beneficial. When I sit in the back, I tend to not pay attention. By making yourself sit in the front you’ll pay more attention (especially if you’re right in front of your teacher), and possibly ask more questions and get the grades you want. 

4. Join a study group
  - Whether it be a group of two or five, find a group of people who have the same academic goals as you. Study groups can be very helpful for studying and overall motivation if you’re at a loss.

5. Prioritize your time
  - Not every class requires the same amount of work, and you should find out what classes you need to spend most of your time on. You will have to spend extra time and effort to get that good grade. That being said, don’t shy away from hard classes. Challenging yourself is great, it’s worth it. 

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  - Although it may be difficult at times, do not be afraid to ask! I tend to let my pride get in the way, but sometimes you need to overcome your fears. Google is an amazing resource for pretty much everything. If all else fails, Google it.

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Good job !! Very informative .. ur efforts are appreciated
By: Farkhanda, Karachi on May, 29 2018
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Your small tips mean a great really helped me out.
By: Adnan, Karachi on May, 27 2018
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True and helpful as well
Thank you so much
By: Talha, Karachi on May, 25 2018
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Perfect tips,Good job though.
Something nice to get over my studies.
These tips helped me a lot.
Thank you so much author!
By: Syed Ukasha, Karachi on May, 25 2018
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Yes, indeed this article can be really handy to achieve the best results..
Well written and a good effort by the Author..!
By: Umair Shahbaz, Karachi on May, 25 2018
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Very well done, the person did it diligently.
Really appreciate !
By: Manto, Dubai on May, 25 2018
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