Tips to beat the heat

(Syed Anwer Alam, karachi)

The scorching summer heat is hard on our bodies, our moods and our electric bills. Muslims in Pakistan are fasting. It's quite hard to get out of our houses and live without air conditioners. The number of people effected by heat stroke is increasing day by day. following are some tips to avoid getting heat over you.

1.keep your body hydrated: Even if you are fasting all day,try eating hubby fruits like melon and watermelon in aftar and sehri becauae it keeps your body hydrated and use excess amount of water in iftar and sehr so that the need of the whole day can be fulfilled. carry chilled water bottles whenever going out during summers.

2. Limit your exercise: If you workout everyday. manage your time period of workout less during summers and not use your muscles more than you need to. walk instead of running.

3. Wear light dress: no matter what you are doing on the summer heat, you'll be happier if you are wearing colleges that keeps you cool. Clothes plays important role on keeping you cool. not only material matters but also the color of what you are wearing, try using thin fabrics and light colors.

4. Embracing light diet: Add vegetables to your first and avoid eating meat and dairy products.

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