(Dr. Shakira Nandini, Oporto)

I was setting off to my goal the sun has supplanted its place and to come extremely close to the earth, hence the desert garden of sends has been metallic and they were looking like ruddy because of warm air to get breath it was troublesome, it resembled that there is no oxygen, encompassing me no any living thing found, to shield from daylight everybody was concealing himself, at that point I asked from the sun, for what reason did you supplanted your place, look because of you the strolling is troublesome no any living thing finds, everything is concealing himself from your dreading, the earth don't resistance hotness as well. Sun replied, it isn't a great opportunity to make inquiry, the time has come to shroud yourself, I'm my own particular and I'm at one place, I don't change my place, it is earth which spins around me, and today it changed its place and draw close to me, I'm a liquid fire, in this way don't attempt to draw close to me, you need to keep fellowship at your own place, " Then I asked from earth, haven't you seen one more day to go close to the sun? earth addressed that', I pivot without anyone else self, today I felt cooled, I required the glow of the sun, because of this I turned my body to side of sun, you look through a sorry excuse for tree and merit your self and earth progressed toward becoming stopped, I needed to spare my self from the a lot of warmth ness, I looked all over however I didn't discover any tree with shadow, I change my self under a little tree, due to the littlest of tree the shadow was less, it was coming portion of my body, I comprehended its approval of God and put my head on the shadow of the tree, I had felt parched and I was having little water yet that was additionally hot, when I endeavor to drink water the water was not going from my throat, when I attempted to check out me, wherever the earth was no man's land, now I couldn't simply ahead and advance in reverse, encompassing me there was no any living being discovered, my one side was on shadow and opposite side was on daylight, I was separated from everyone else and I was gathered before the sun, the earth was occupied with its misery, each living thing was endeavoring to conceal himself, there was no any one amongst me and God, at that point I looked towards the God and stated, ho my God! "The Day of Judgment precedes the passing or after the demise" no any answer from the upside. At that point I made my next inquiry, did anybody locate my dead body in this position? Again there isn't any answer. At that point I asked the third inquiry, for which objective I got out from home, is that stay inadequate? Additionally there was no answer. At that point I asked the fourth and last inquiry, will I leave this world without sight of any individual? Additionally there wasn't any answer. The Devil saw me in this position and he was chuckling, at that point I asked from Devil, why are you giggling, did I made any wrong inquiry or I did any transgression? Villain answered you made awesome inquiries yet maybe you don't have the foggiest idea about the God don't visit live with people, when human wound up distraught he will comprehend that the God is lived to him, now nobody is here to spare you from the pooches passing, nobody will accomplish your sight, creatures will separate your body in parts and eat them, your bones will be tossed all over the place, you won't get your goal till to that day when you didn't obey me. Whatever you thought overlook those and sit tight for your passing nobody will spare you, come and follow up on my recommendation, I will make you a legend, there will be tattling about you wherever I will assist you with earning cash, when you wound up rich at that point individuals their self give you regard. Will you be my buddy? I ended up passionate and I stood and said no it can't be this way, I realize that, if any one is no with you then God is with you, I completely accept on God, for which objective I got out from home, my that objective will be finished, who are you talking amongst me and my God, and I completely accept on my God, trust ness is the progression of succeed. When I looked again towards Devil, that was not there, the shadow of trees were turned out to be extensive, the hotness of the sun was diminish, the water was cool, I took the name of God and drink water, at that point I checked out me the glow ness of the land was likewise completed and I was feeling my self well, at that point I recollect the adage of researcher " when destiny is somewhat somebody it will take its exam to place him in troubles even the man is solid to put crown of prevail on his head" Now I was getting vitality to my legs and I favored to the God and carry on to my goal.
-Dr. Shakira Nandini

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