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The Urdu word "Roza" is derived from "Roz" which means day or daily.
Example:1. Ek roz yeh hua - This happened one day.
2. Yeh roz hua - This happened daily.
therefore, we derive words like ek-roza, or something that happens for one day and so on.It is specially used for a day of fasting among Muslims in the subcontinent. So a "roza" is a day of fast either in the month of Ramzan (Ramadan) or a supererogatory one outside Ramzan.Example:1. Maine Roza rakha - I fasted (for a day).
You may also be referring to the word Rauza, which means a tomb or mausoleum.Example:1. Yeh ek raja ka rauza hai - This is the mausoleum of a king.
roza ruh ke rahat hai roza ruh ke tajali hai roz rakhna aise hai jaisa ke jism ke noshunuma roze se ruh ke piyas buhj jati hai roza raza ellahi ka zariya hai roza jismani aur rohani beymariyun ka elaj hai roza roza dard se nijaat ka zariya hai roza sukoon ka zariya hai roza dar ke khushbo tamam khushboon se afzal hai yeh khushboo isnan ke zindai ku mehakane me aham kirdar ada karti hai,

Fasting rests the digestive system and gives it a break from heavy intake of food which we take throughout the day in the entire year.
Fasting allows us to take a break from eating unhealthy things and this way our body gets the chance for detoxification and cleansing properly.

It gives a break to the regular eating pattern which serves as a new way to create better eating patterns in future.
It will help in cleansing and healing of emotional patterns that we have been following throughout the year.
It increases our energy levels and makes our body physically and physiologically lighter and better.
It enhances our spiritual connection with Allah which helps promote emotional stability and better psychological health.
It has an anti aging effect on the health. Those who fast in the month of Ramadan will feel younger and active.
It helps body to develop better resistance against the disease that might harm the metabolic system.
It promotes the development of better attitudes in people since they try the entire month to practice peace and patience.
It provides a chance to people to get better sleep and develop the right sleeping patterns.

We become regular at offering prayers, it makes us spiritually strong and it keeps us active because of the circulation of blood that takes place while we offer prayers.

It provides ladies a chance to get clearer and better skin texture because it cleanses the body off of all the toxins that we collect throughout the year.

Our senses are improved by keeping a fast. You get a clear ability of vision, hearing and taste. It awakens you completely in every form.

We get more energy and we feel more relaxed. We develop a routine in which we are able to do our work properly and on time. Everything becomes on schedule and we have fewer things to worry about.

We start eating less and healthy. We get the chance to eat a large variety of healthy food items and stay away from all the junk food out there which we normally take. This way, our health increases and we feel rejuvenated.

The best benefit that we get from Ramadan Fasting is the chance to lose weight. When we are on our way of cleansing our body off all the toxins present in it, we also get the chance to manage our diet and that is the reason we start losing weight. When e are taking less food and on the right time in the very right amounts then there is a chance for us to get a balanced diet and hence achieved a balanced weight.
Our digestive system gets a chance to relax and become ready for another year. This provides a chance to make better the digestive system which is the most important organ of our body.

These are some health benefits which are very important to get and Ramadan brings us the chance to do it in a proper way once for an entire year. So all of those people who are willing to change their lives and lose weight hence becoming more beautiful, they are in for a good chance. All they have to do is to follow the month of Ramadan and fast regularly. You will see the difference real soon.

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