Points of leading a mesmerizelife

(Sawaira khan, Karachi)

“Life”,life is not a bed of roses, it’s not even a bed of cactus plant as well.Its not as hard as we made our life hard by ourselves.here are some points which can really make your life mesmerize and a bed of roses as well:
1.Life is full of circumstances ,try to hide your pains from the surrounding
2.It matters not how long you live but how you live and servive with good deeds and actions
3.Be independent and hard worker.Abstain from asking help among the people
4.The formost thing of your life is your ”reputation “,always maintain and save it from its collapse or destruction
5.Great tragedies always leave a deep imperishable impression.So never afraid of your failures and never give up
6.Always be conscience in your Life because it’s man’s faithful friend
7.A new must have certain amount of intelligence to get any where
8.Be bold and courageous about your aims and goals of your life
9.Be strong and hardcore like a Diamond so nobody can easily break you
10. Avoid addictions of any kind
11.Never indulge yourself too much with any person because it’s the start of your collapse or destruction
12.Always show your self a most happiest person and never show your tears in front of the world
13.love is the glory of Life.Try to Love in life truly but with Allah only
14.Try to avoid yourself as much as you can in falling in Love with any person
15.when your in love don’t have lust to achieve the destiny.just we are Travaler and enjoy your voyage
16.Abstain a person who used to do. Back biting and also avoid a fair weather friend
17.Never be a judgements person
18.Nip the person in the bud who ignores,flatters or deceives you
19.Happpiest are those people who gives most happiness to others,So always care for others
20.Dont be overthink about your this Life.Because this life is to die and next is to live(Life after death).

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