Life risking foods available at large

(Salman Baig, )

People demand the Khademe Punjab to open the names and the brands to the public.

Islamabad-(PFS)Great information on the healthcare issues have been revealed helping the people at large but with no results because of the latest strategy of the healthcare departments as they have planned not to disclose the names and the brands of the companies, shops, bakeries, milk shops, sweets shops, hotels, motels, restaurants selling unhealthy, contaminated, over dated and life risking foods and related products especially the junk foods available everywhere in all the cities, the towns and the villages targeting the youth at large.

In a recent bid to have the views of the health department an official told the media that they have been advised by their authorities not to expose the names and the brands of the companies, organizations selling the dirty and unhealthy and the contaminated foods for the public. The official told the media that they are lacking the facilities of emergency or the mobile laboratory facilities to have immediate or early examination, results of some important foods which do not sustain for the longer times. According to the investigation the said strategy adopted by the health department benefits the companies and the organization in spite of protecting and securing the masses interests who are at life risk at large. The sources said that these foods, fruits, vegetables, sweets, milk, yogurt, water and dozens of brands of cooking oils and the ghee do not qualify the standards testing of the health department but sold frequently in the market with no fear or the accountability by the government. It is interesting to note here an example of the food authority that it sealed a sweet house in the twin city few months back on Saturday with a bundle of allegations and opened the same shops the very next day, Sunday, irrespective of any legal procedures the people of the twin city could have seen.

The people of the city are of the opinion that such caring of the city people by the health department to ensure their health issues will not resolve the life risking problems produced by the companies or the organizations but naturally help them aware of the activities of the health department to be more caring and conscious to protect their interest and camouflage the health department.

The people of the city have demanded the Khademe Punjab to open the names and the brands of the companies selling unhealthy, contaminated and poisoned foods to the people with rigorous accountability of such actors and their allies and the mukhbers and the facilitators.

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