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I always wanted to write about this most important topic/part of aur lives which we always take forgranted.

People tend to be so busy in their personal lives,hobbies, studies,jobs that they forget about the little things which make their parents particularly their fathers happy. We never talk to our fathers much because of a stupid kind of shyness. We probably share our feelings with our mothers or show our love to them but never never with our fathers.

As much I know,by living in a desi family, children hide their feelings which they have for their fathers and never tell them because they think that other siblings will make fun of them. I, myself always did this stupid thing and never told my father that how much i love him.

Coming back to the topic, people never understand the importance of father as a person that if he ever dies then what could we do,how will we manage to continue our lives because we understand this thing only after loosing him,when he go far far away from where he can never come back or we can never meet him in this life again.

So always take time to be full of feelings infront of your father,express your feelings with him,tell him how much you love him for being in your life,how much he is important to you and never make him sad. Believe me this will make him so happy that he will forget all his worries and sad moments of life.

Always always take time to talk to your father, every day. Its better to do the things at time than to repent after things have gotten out of hands because this is much heart breaking when you can't tell that person about your love, can't talk to them.

People have to consider this the worst aspect of life no sharing their feelings with their fathers. I am not saying that everyone  do this but mostly this happens.
I have felt this after i lost him and so I never wants anyone to go through this feeling so go and hug you fathers.

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