A Girl’s Mirage

(Kamal Ud Din, )

I found another born leader again from mountain. The leader is not other than a brave girl (again). She has a heart touching, inspiring, emotive, full of scuffle, striving and devoted story. I would much appreciate if you share it and pray for her as much as you can. So, some kind hearted person may put forward their contemplation of succor to her.

I heard about a daughter who is so intelligent living between the recessive Mountainous areas of Hushe valley. The girl had everything in her life. There were pouring upon every blessings on her; the sweethearts of parents, favorite of sisters and beloved of brothers. That was “Rukhsana’s” first day at school, where her whole family was standing to concoct her for school. Someone was fetching shoes; sisters were rushing to comb like a precious figurine, brothers were pleased to see her in uniform and her much-loved mother appeared to finger up with her right hand and left hand had a satchel with one book and a note book. She starts her journey towards school with her mother. Her mother was telling her about her childhood; “I couldn’t go to school because we don’t had school”. Her performance in school from day one was good.

The day comes and the happiness, joys, loves and cares becomes whisper and starts fly away far away from her life. She stepped in grade 2 and her best friend; mentor & ever best company left her syndicate and let her to face the world solely. Her mother died on her age of 6. She is the youngest of her siblings and she was only the one who goes to school from her family. To pass life and get education without mother support is like to summit the highest mountain without harness. Her sisters got married and left her home sequentially to other houses. Her brothers got married and they have their own lives. The educational career was upgrading consistently and Alhamdulilah she passed her 8th grade with good marks from her village. The question was to perceive science education for her secondary level. Unfortunately, her village hasn’t any secondary level school where she could follow her dream to become a successful doctor. Her father is a retired army and got married with another woman.

The harsh time expanded for her as she starts to bear up a step mother company. She can’t travel down to access higher education because she hasn’t much resource. Secondly, the community had a wrong and mal perception that girls must not educated more than basic reading and writing. So, girls must not travel down to study more and her inner feelings to study more were unwillingly quieting. She prayed lot to Allah and tried for several possibilities. Finally, she got a blessing day; her father gave a green signal to study higher and travel down. One of her elder sister was living in Punjab with her husband. Her father got a prompt and positive response from her elder daughter and her family. After a long time, after her mother’s death, this day was one of her best day. She was very happy. Now, her father has a few amount of pension and he have to have resources now onwards. He started job to overcome his family expenses and to assist his daughter.

She never went to a zoo to observe nature, can’t celebrate birthday party at class, never travel to have leisure time, did not purchased dress except her requirements, never participate in any festival, she can’t do these all because she have to travel a lot for education and necessary to save money for her Doctor-ship. The brave girl never stop and scored Alhamdulilah A-1 Grade in her secondary examination from Federal Board. There was two year gap between her life-dream “Admission for Dr”. She finally passed her higher secondary education from same board in first division. She got some offers from universities and that was her time to mark up her dream day to become a doctor. She opt the study of Physical therapy for four to five years in a university at Islamabad. Now, she is in her 2nd semester after scoring 3.22 GPA in her first semester.

She says; “It was my dream to get higher education because I am the only woman in my family getting education to this level. For this I persistently requested my father and I am so thankful to him that keeping me so much for impatience and distinct achievements”.

The Physical Therapy Course requirement is 5 years that is divided into 10 semesters with PKR 74,700/- for one semester excluding accommodation, conveyance and stationery expenses. Her father dared and supported her till here but he is so much worried for continuation of my studies. Her brother in law and sister also has their children sending to school and colleges. The only hope for me is ALLAH and my father. His job and pension can’t afford his daughter’s studies.

She has complete faith; “I am very optimistic that God will help me through somebody in my tutelage”. She has a dream to serve communities in her mountainous villages not only in Hushe Valley but in entire region of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is because she have seen majority of people in her mountainous villages need physical medicine and rehabilitation especially for people having impairments and mobility problems. She is passionate to help them and would like to make ease their sufferings. She aimed; “I also want to educate our villagers in women rights and highlight the importance of girl education setting an example of mine”.

She needs support to continue her education to achieve these goal and objectives. Let’s together make a difference for educational assistance towards this sort of inspiring personalities.

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