Lollywood is Back

(Syeda Aimen Shah, Islamabad)

ENTERTAINMENT! ENTERTAINMENT! ENTERTAINMENT! Was the only purpose of Pakistani film industry (Lollywood) but it stopped entertaining public when frequent remakes of some hit movies were made. Lack of new content, new faces and shortage of finance decreased the standard of Pakistani movies and caused its down fall. But in August 2007 Shoaib Mansoor released his directed film KHUDA KE LIYE staring Shan Shahid, Fawad Khan and Iman Ali etc. which was a success because people accepted this film open heartedly as it introduced new idea and new faces. Its box office collection was Rs.15.06 crores and won 3 Lux Style Awards for best actors and won Best Cinematography award at Asian First Film Festival 2008 and won Audience Award at Fukuoka International Film Festival 2008 and was nominated for New Voices/New Visions Grand Jury Prize at Palm Springs International Film Festival 2008. The success of KHUDA KE LIYE proved to be a turning point for our industry as it encouraged new investors to invest their money and new ideas in Pakistani movies. After this Reema Khan’s LOVE MEN GHUM ,Mehreen Jabbar's RAMCHAND PAKISTANI and many other films including Shoaib Mansoor’s film BOL (in 2011) which brook box office records in Pakistan were released. Success of BOL and popularity of its cast attracted many famous and hit faces of television which added to the beauty of movies along with this opening of international cinema franchises and ban on Indian movies in Pakistan played a vital role in revival of Pakistani cinema. During this period many movies were release but WAAR, NA MALOOM AFRAAD, JAWANI PHIR NAHI ANI, HO MANN JAHAN, BIN ROYE, JANNAN and ACTOR IN LAW etc. were some highest crossing films which revived this collapsed industry in a true manner. This revival was also praised internationally as ZINDA BHAAG in 2013 went on to be Pakistan's official submission to the Oscars (Foreign Film Category), the first after a gap of fifty years but did not make the final shortlist nominees and many movies including PARCHI and PUNJAB NAHI JAO JI were screened in international cinemas, along with this many Pakistani actors including Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Imran Abbas, Saba Qamar, Sajal Ali and Adnan Siddique were offered international films. Lollywood also gave us many new talented faces like Hania Amir, Bilal Ashraf and Yasir Husain etc. Lollywood offered about 8 movies till April 2018 and now many movies are releasing this Eid ul Fitr including 7 DIN MOHABAT IN, AZAADI, NA BAND NA BARAATI and WAJOOD etc. and about 7 more movies will be released till the end of this year including TEEFA IN TROUBLE, JAWANI PHIR NAHI ANI 2 and PARWAAZ HAI JUNOON etc. In short Pakistani film industry is back with all its glamour and charm. So, grab your tickets before they are all sold out.

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A.A Good criticide about Lollywood.i appreciated and hope you will write article for everything is expensive in much difficult to survive the edible. Thanks
By: Syed maqsood Hashmi, LAHORE on Nov, 09 2018
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