Curse of Social Media

(Taimoor Khan, Islamabad)

SOCIAL MEDIA A MEDIUM FOR EASY INTERACTION IS AN ADDITION. Same like that of smoking, you don’t like to smoke yet you smoke all the time. This is because of appealing website and like twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snap-chat and many more…. It has many disadvantages like it creates social anxiety, insomnia, depression which further leads to feelings of being deprived of things others seems to enjoy. All the stuff we counter on social media surely has a negative effect on us. Moreover it proves to be a very unpleasant place because it leads to thrive on starting fights. No doubt it keeps us up to date with what’s happening around us but it also serves as a tool and a platform for spreading rumors and untrue information. It has become a place of bulling and character assassination.Very less people think before posting and sharing what they are served with.The biggest drawback is that it is an addiction, a habitual activity where people staying involved not for minutes yet hours.

Most prevalent Facebook , can make you feel you life is dull and every other person is cool, leading to a sense of false consensus, can make you envy your friends and others and it keeps you in touch with people you’d really rather forger. Apart form this, it can reveal information you don’t like to share with anybody else.

Everything is good but to some limits.. when it becomes a style “ more precisely an addictive style”, individuals suffer and there are hell of examples you can think of yourself,whom you have seen gone depressed,involved in cyber crimes, a bright student falling a pray to this curse-creating a mental map according to what he perceives from social media.One should learn to know the time of worth and be disciplined.I’m not saying quit it, but consider self-disciplinary.

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