Corruption in Pakistan

(Bushra tariq, Rawalpindi)

Corruption is the misuse of public power (by elected politician or appointed civil servant) for private gain.

In order to ensure that not ony public corruption but also private corruption between individuals and businesses could be covered by the same simple definition:

Corruption is the misuse of entrusted power (by heritage, education, marriage, election, appointment or whatever else) for private gain. Corruption in Pakistan is wide spread, particularly in the government and lower levels of police forces. Transparency International's 2017 Corruption Perception Index ranks the country 117th place out of 180 countries Pakistan saw a significant improvement in its statistics in 2013 when its ranking improved by 12 indices compared to its previous rankings – 139 out of 174 in 2012, 134 out of 182 in 2011, 143 out of 178 in 2010, and 139 out of 180 in 2009.

Pakistan has had a problem of corruption since it came into being. The change in regimes between military and civilian institutions due to three different successful coups have also weakened the anti-corruption institutions Corruption remains a substantial obstacle for Pakistan where it is still perceived to be widespread and systemic. Petty corruption in the form of bribery is prevalent in law enforcement, procurement and the provision of public services. The judiciary is not seen as independent and considered to be shielding corrupt political practices from prosecution. Various efforts over the past years have tried to develop institutional mechanisms to address these problems. A National Anti-Corruption Strategy, which was developed in 2002, offers a comprehensive plan for tackling corruption. The executing agency, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), is endowed with comprehensive powers to investigate and prosecute cases. In Pakistan there is a corruption in different sector's like education , health and care sector ,taxation etc If we talk about corruption in Pakistan, then we realize that not even a single public department in Pakistan is free from corrupt individuals. This is common in Muslim countries. Only a few people work with honestly. Because of a lack of religious awareness people do not fear God when they engage in illegal transactions. Corruption is the mother of each and every evil-not only in Pakistan but also all over the world. It is the cause of unemployment in our country. People who have power can snatch the rights of anybody and everybody. Nevertheless, there are some orphan and widow who are not surviving or living their lives perfectly. They are being displaced in our country but nobody cares.

Our government has to take some steps to eliminate corruption from the county, whether it is political or personal in nature. Convicts should be sent to the prison as soon as possible.

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