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Some stories abound, a house in Shadman Lahore features the 'ghost' of a small boy who appears sitting on the stairs. A white cat, which can slip through walls, haunts another house in Model Town. In some cases at least, these houses, scattered across the city, seem to have become playgrounds for young people, who dare each other to visit them, or walk in collectively after dark, attempting to call up the ghosts.

At city schools and elite colleges, groups of teenagers gather data about haunted homes, and then visit them at night. One such house stands in the Cantonment area, and has been regarded locally as haunted since its owner was murdered a few years ago. "No one wants to purchase such a property. There are supernatural beings found under trees at the house. Sometimes they take the form of snakes," says Adnan, a local shopkeeper.

The interest in the occult, in fortune telling and in magic is at an all-time high in the city, and private tuition classes are being given to teach people more about the subject. It is therefore not surprising that 'haunted' houses should attract so much interest. Perhaps in a reflection of the now fashionable trend involving an interest in the unknown, the number of 'haunted' houses in the city appears to have increased. Somewhat surprisingly, the largest number seems to have cropped up in new areas, such as Defence DHA Lahore, where construction began in earnest only 20 years ago. Or again, this could simply be because people living in the older parts of the city are content to live quietly with whatever ghosts inhabit their lives, and are less apt to discuss hauntings, ghosts or the presence of ectoplasm.

A US-based website, Shadowlands‚ now lists a growing number of houses based in Lahore that are said to be haunted. It is clear that the information about them is coming from people in the city. They include a home in 'T' Block in Defence, where there are reports of an apparition of a girl in white clothes.

** (but I gathered information that one house in each block of DHA Phase 3 - Sectors Z, W, T, C are haunted and prices of the land and houses are very low in nearby these houses).

This fort is in bad shape and nobody want to reshape it because people believe that its haunted by the spirits of queens who used to reside there once. THIS FORT ALSO TOOK PLACE IN THE TOP 12 MOST HAUNTED PLACES OF PAKISTAN.

The Sheikhupura Fort was built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Although, there is no conclusive evidence supporting this, the Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri (Autobiography of Jahangir) mentions that the Emperor assigned the job of constructing the Fort to Sikandar Moeen on his hunting trip to Hiran Minar in 1607AD.
Politically, this fort emerged during the consolidation of Sikh Raj in Punjab. According to Ihsan H. Nadiem, a veteran archeologist and historian, before the Sikhs took over power, Sheikhupura Fort served as a hiding place for bandits looting the countryside.

The Durrani king Shah Zaman, during his invasion of Lahore in 1797, besieged the fort only to purge it of the robbers. Soon after his departure, the fort was occupied by a dacoit named Inder Singh. Later, Lehna Singhan, an ally of Ranjit Singh invaded the fort and sentenced Inder Singh to death. After him, the fort passed on to the ownership of Bhai Singh. However, after changing a few more hands, it was in the possession of Sahib Singh and Sahai Singh in 1808 when Ranjit Singh’s forces marched upon it and caused its surrender. Maharaja Ranjit Singh granted this fort as “Jagir” to his wife Datar Kaur (died in1838) also known as Raj Kaur or Mai Nakkain, the mother of the crown prince Kharak Singh. She lived here up to her last day.

Datar Kaur of course had a considerable role in rehabilitation of this small, strategically less important and almost abandoned citadel. In it, she built a wonderful haveli adorned with classical fresco. The distinctive Kangra style found in the parlour and in the two chambers on the first floor of this mansion is attributed to the good taste of Kaur. In mid 19th century when power turned to the British, the fort of Sheikhupura was used for the 'house arrest' of Maharaja’s last queen, Rani Jindan the mother of Maharaja Duleep Singh. In his letter, dated 9th August 1847, Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence, the Resident of British government in Punjab, had suggested to the Governor General that her highness be banished from Punjab. On his recommendation the young Maharaja Duleep Singh was sent away to the Shalimar Garden from the palace in the Lahore Fort and the Maharani was imprisoned at Sheikhupura fort.

Soon after her arrival at the fort, the Maharani wrote the following letter to the Resident at Lahore for being so ruthlessly separated from her young son (Maharaja Duleep Singh) who was only nine at the time:
With the Grace of the Great Guru
From Bibi Sahib to Lawrence Sahib,
We have arrived safely at Sheikhupura; you should send our luggage with care, as I was sitting in the Samman (Burj-Palace in Lahore Fort) in the same way I am in Sheikhupura. Both the places are same to me; you have been very cruel to me.

You have snatched my son from me…In the name of the God you worship and in the name of the king whose salt you eat, restore my son to me. I cannot bear the pain of this separation…..I shall reside in Sheikhupura. I shall not go to Lahore. Send my son to me. I will come to you at Lahore only during the days when you hold darbar. On that day I will send him. A great deal (of injustice) has been done to me. A great deal (of injustice) has been done to my son also. You have accepted what other people have said. Put an end to it now. Too much has been done. The Maharani was removed from the fort on the afternoon of 15 May 1848, to spend rest of her life in exile in Nepal and in London thereafter. The kingdom of her husband and son had been taken by the British Empire during her ten-month 'house arrest' at the Sheikhupura Fort.

The strong impact of this fort on the political history of Punjab as well as over all India and even neighboring Afghanistan can be judged by the fact that the Sikh Empire played a considerable role in institutionalisation and defense on western border of India, which played decisive role in normalisation of affairs up to Delhi.

An established Sikh state, at its peak, had extended from Tibet in the east to the Khyber Pass in west to Kashmir in the north and to Sindh in the south. In late 40s of 19th century this state, however, collapsed to the arms of British rule, mainly due to its institutional failure and indiscipline in ranks. During British rule, this fort was used as an administrative headquarters of Gujranwala district from 1849 to 1851. However, on transfer of the district headquarters to Gujranwala town it was left to serve for some time as a military outpost. After the split of administration in 1918 a new district was created in Sheikhupura. The fort then housed the police headquarters of newly created district. After partition of India in 1947 it was briefly used by the immigrants from Indian Punjab and later by encroachers, from whom it came to the possession of the Department of Archaeology, Pakistan, in 1967.

No signs of Mughal-era architecture are now visible in this fort except the main entrance façade. To date the only such structure, although dilapidated, in this premises is a six-storey haveli of Datar Kaur, identical to the haveli of Naunihal Singh, situated inside Mori Gate Lahore. The most vibrant aspect of this haveli is its fresco, now that the precious wooden doors, windows and roof from some parts have been whisked away, turning the historical haveli into a haunted house. Amid the ruins and inside the rooms, now occupied by bats, we can still find signs of the great era of the past through colorful and thematic paintings and art work in Kangra style. Fresco art work of the haveli of Raj Kaur portrays almost all aspect of life from worship to human feelings.

Although the colors are still vivid, the haveli has now reached the edge of its physical life. Thanks to the Punjab Archeology Department, a few months ago I had the chance to visit Sheikhupura Fort again which is now closed to the public due to its endangered structural condition. Sadly, the once great monument is now littered with graffiti and left vandalised by the ignorant trespassers. I again took the risk to visit haveli as I was drawn naturally to the fresco. In any case, there is nothing left to be to see over there anymore.
A US-sponsored preservation project could not materialise because of a tussle between the federal and provincial departments of archeology. But it was a shock to see more paintings spoiled than my previous visit.

Z Block DHA PHASE 3:-
People claim that there is a big haunted house in DHA Phase 3 sector Z, which has been subjected to several exorcisms but the ghosts refuse to leave despite the owner’s attempt. It is believed that this is why the price of that property is considerably low. Whatever the people might say, I firmly maintain the belief that some ghosts were looking for some cheap plots in DHA and when they failed to find one (thanks to the property prices there) they simply haunted that house and started living there. That is the truth, if you are willing to believe! So, these are some of the stories people told me and since I haven’t inspected these house personally, my conclusions about them might annoy some of you. If you have any stories to share kindly do so in the comments section below. I would love to lend your story an ear!

In Lahore one in T-block and other in Sector W, Defence Housing Society. I have heard One of these houses and That one was located beside one of the busiest roads and must have a value of more then 10 Million Rupees. But nobody wants to buy it even at 1/10 of market value. Some time ago Haunted houses were in jungle or some unpopulated areas. Now i think trend has changed. Ghosts are becoming more and more materialistic. Lahore Defense - T Block - reports of an apparition of a girl in white clothes.
A two-storey house in Sector W, Defence Housing Society, holds what seem to be more alarming spirits. Residents have apparently been chased, thrown about and eventually scared away from the house, exorcisms have been performed, but to no avail. The house now stands vacant, its price having crashed.

At another home in Gulberg, witnesses said a man in white clothes, apparently cricket gear (cricket world cup 1999), appears from time to time. He disappears when approached, but has never been known to cause harm.

Lahore college for women university hostel, which is haunted by a hindu girl spirit Shakuntala.

Suicide Stunt at LCWU:-
Valentines Day classic love stories - Shakuntala and DushyantThe legend of the exquisitely beautiful Shakuntala and the mighty king Dushyant is a thrilling love story from the epic Mahabharata, which the great ancient poet Kalidasa retold in his immortal play 'Abhijnanashakuntalam'.

While on a hunting trip, King Dushyant of the Puru dynasty meets the hermit-girl Shakuntala. They fall in love with each other at first sight and, in the absence of her father, Shakuntala weds the king in a ceremony of 'Ghandharva'-a form of marriage by mutual consent with mother Nature as the witness. When the time comes for Dushyant to return to his palace, he promises to send an envoy to escort her to his castle.As a fond remembrance he gives her a signet ring. One day when hermit Durvasa stops at her hut for hospitality, Shakuntala, lost in her love thoughts, fails to hear his calls.The temperamental sage turns back and curses her: "He whose thoughts have engrossed you would not remember you anymore." On the plea of her companions, the enraged sage relents and adds a condition to his curse-statement: "He can only recall you upon producing some significant souvenir."

Days roll by and nobody from the palace comes to fetch her. Her father sends her to the royal court for their reunion, as she was pregnant with Dushyant's child. While travelling, Shakuntala's signet-ring accidentally drops into the river and gets lost. When Shakuntala presents herself before the king, Dushyant, under the spell of the curse, fails to acknowledge her as his wife. Heart-broken, she pleads to the gods for help. The spell is broken when a fisherman finds the signet ring in the stomach of a fish - the same ring that Shakuntala had lost on her way to the court. The king suffers from an intense feeling of guilt and injustice. Shakuntala forgives Dushyant and they are reunited happily. She gives birth to a male child. He is called Bharat, after whom India gets her name.

Shakuntala, was about a haunted room in the LCWU hostel where a Hindu girl is said to have committed suicide after getting pregnant. The documentary was interesting for the students in the audience. The sound direction for this film was particularly impressive. Soch Belagam was about women patients at the Punjab Institute of Mental Health. The disturbing documentary had a deep impact on the audience. The fourth screening was of Parinda, a mime film made for the Aurat Foundation that is about emancipation.

Hostel of Fatima memorial college, which was a central jail for women before partition... many women and kids died there... so its also haunted.

A small portion of victoria girls school (haveli nau nihal singh). Its basement is closed for the same reason. Such parts of these building are closed.

INTRODUCTION of moti masjid:-

Moti Masjid, one of the "Pearl Mosques", is a 17th-century religious building located inside the Lahore Fort. It is a small, white marble structure built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, and is among his prominent extensions (such as Sheesh Mahal and Naulakha pavilion) to the Lahore Fort Complex. The mosque is located on the western side of Lahore Fort, closer to Alamgiri Gate, the main entrance.



It is the story of specific place in Moti Mosque where many great Auliyas (pious / friend of Allah Almighty) did the Sajidas (bowed) and got highest position in Willayat (friendship / closeness with Allah Almighty).

This specific place self stated its story that Mughal Emperor Akbar during his ruling imprisoned a robber. He remained in prison for a very long period, confined by wearing chains & locks. After a long period, he was deputed as supervisor / controller of other prisoners. The robber now & then had also been worshipping of Allah Almighty in the loneliness moments of nights. He was ignorant, how to worship and remained uttering “Allah, Allah, Allah…”

In those days, the general / public person was banned to enter into the mosque. This mosque was specified only for kings & emperors. However on the day of Jumma (Friday), the king had been performing Jummah Salah alongwith general peoples. Here, general peoples mean all those who were designated higher positions and close to the emperor.

Darvesh as soon as touched chest of robber….

Above said specific place in Moti Mosque self-spoke it story that the robber who remained in prison had been uttering “Allah, Allah, Allah…..”. His prison finished within few days because of barkat (blessings) of this deed. When he went out of ShahiQila (Emperor’s Fort) after getting freedom from the prison, he saw a Darvesh (pious) riding on Donkey. The robber said him, although I am bad one and you noble / pious one, my pocket is empty, can you put few coins into my pocket? He said, why not... Darvesh put some coins into my pocket and asked to come forward and listen. When I went close, he put hand at front of his chest / breast. I soon after felt that his heart has turned into a shape of pocket. He put hand into his heart and then put something into mine heart. I felt that something has transferred into my heart. My heart felt pungent and he said me to go now...... He also said that Allah has illuminated your heart because of blessing / reward of those Sajidas (bow) at that specific place in Moti Mosque. Your heart has been washed now. He further said that the illumination which Allah Almighty granted me as a result of Marifat (familiarity, acquaintance with Allah Almighty), I have transferred you. I remained stood there but my feet could not step forward. The Buzurg (pious) took ride over the donkey and went away. I remained seeing him, even he vanished away.


The robber turned back and requested gatekeepers that I again want to go into prison. They astonished a lot………that you got freedom after elapse of so many years and peoples want freedom from prison while you are desiring for it again. He said actually my objective is not the prison but the Moti Mosque, wherefrom I got this affection and my heart is continuously uttering Allah, Allah, and Allah…… Wraps over the earth have removed for me and I am watching Jinnat like human beings, seeing Rehmat (mercy) as well as Azab (punishment) coming down, everything speaking, telling me its name and also telling Zikar as well as function. I am seeing illumination of angels, understanding language of every animal, looking shapes of earth and sky changed, attentive to Allah Almighty, eyes staying wet with tears, body attentive to do Ie’baadat (worship) every moment, looking love of Allah Almighty emanating from every body part and also from the place where I was worshiping. I was understandinglanguage / saying of specific place in the moti mosque. I was ignorant how to perform Salah and recite Quran. But when I stood up for performing Salah, I un-consciously and involuntarily started to perform Salah and recite Quran which I did not learn ever before from anywhere. Thus, I learnt how to do Ei’baadat (worship), got friendship / closeness and do Zikar (uttering Allah Almighty name). My days & nights were being spent in the same closeness and tasbeeh(inculcating Allah Almighty’s name). The Darbaans (servants / darbaans) did not allow me to enter.

I remained weeping at outside and started to lead life by taking fallen eatables. Ultimately, this matter came into the knowledge of Emperor that the robber has changed so and now only requesting khidmat (to serve) of Moti Masjid. The emperor felt it very odd. Perhaps these moments were of acceptance of prayers, he called and asked what I want? I explained him about all the moments spent therein, the circumstances faced, how I went into Moti Mosque, how I learnt about specific place in moti mosque which was only known to Auliyas (pious persons close / friends of Allah Almighty), how I did sajida (bowed) over there un-consciously. I had been going there by concealing myself and entrusted as monitor / watcher over the other robbers.

Darvesh gave me some coins, turned back, took illumination of Allah Almighty from his heart and put into my heart, you did mercy with me and I got freedom because blessing / reward of those Sajidas. Since then I went out, got freedom, my entire life, attitudes, manners, way of thinking, observations, spirits, standings, sittings, way of sleeping, awakening, in net shell my all days & nights had changed entirely.


The emperor asked how we can believe that your nights & days have really changed. I suddenly replied, Badshah Salamat (my lord live long), see there is a big treasure buried at a distance / length of 4 x hands from the place where you are sitting. I am seeing this treasure with my open eyes. If the same is not found true, you have the right to slaughter me with sword.

It was a room of palace of the emperor. He immediately called laborers and ordered to remove stones / tiles which were very big size and precious ones. Yet, they did not dig much that their Kudal (a tool used for digging) struck with some hard thing. The labourer intimated that there is some very hard metal. The king saw that something is glittering. He ordered to dig the earth more. It was found that there is a very big pot made of brass metal, mouth covered with brass lid. When lid removed, there was a lot of gold, silver, diamonds and other ornamentals. The shining of treasure was so sufficient that the room started to glow. The king ordered to stop, no more and cover the mouth with lid again. The laborer went back and the king found so big treasure because of blessing of Moti Mosque.

I do not agree with two conditions…..

The king was so surprised on getting so big treasure. He asked that person to sit before him, who previously was a robber but now closer / friend of Allah Almighty. He ordered that since now the meal will be served from the King’s Palace, two servants are appointed to serve you permanently. You go and only serve for Moti Masjid (mosque). He bowed before the king and submitted that these two conditions are not acceptable to me. I shall be given meal from the meal being given to general servants. The servants to serve me are also not acceptable. Only I need some proper place to live. I do not need any more.

The king as no other way left agreed with him. He thus had been serving the Moti Masjid whole the life and also did not left to do sajida (bow) at specific place located in SajidaGah of Moti Masjid.

When I do Sajidaat that place and then…………….

Readers I went there many times did sajida and felt an amazing peace, calm & tranquility.

I went there last week and performed two Nafel Salah and found that earth’s slabs have been moved. I am seeing strange & unusual system of universe which if express in words, the general mankind may declare it fictitious & fabricated one. But, what I can do nothing because the eyes with which I was seeing were open for me only, not open for others. If the same eyes have been opened for your as well, you shall say and accept all this true. Sorry, someone cannot understand, perceive these things in its true perspective.

I was listening to this Darban (servant, attendant) and during listening felt that I should keep on talking and listening and listening him continuously…..

Excellence of doing Sajida at Specific Placein Moti Mosque

I was listening keenly and becoming surprised highly.

I realized that I did 100% best with the creature of Allah Almighty by exposing reality of Moti Mosque. Now, where the human beings are benefiting, there the Jinnat are also benefiting. Many Jinnat of Shahi Fort expressed gratitude that a lot of their problems have been solved and an amazing light has come in their lives.

Those Jinnat asked me to show specific place where is marvel and excellence of doing Sajida (bowing head the level of earth before Allah Almighty). I said, it is no problem but first make yourself deserving. They said, if you show, perhaps we may become capable & deserving because of blessings of that place. Then they quoted example, story of Robber as reference and interrogated, did he deserve…..???

I found sea of spiritualism from Moti Mosque.

I replied by smiling, yes really he was not deserving. There are some places, whereupon blessings & mercy of Allah Almighty is focused, attentive which make the un-deserving ones, deserving & capable ones.

Anyhow, when I reached in Moti Mosque, thought to perform Nafel Salah, since this was the night time and 12’O Clock had stuck doing the discussions. I performed Nafel Salah with the aspiration&aim of Tuhajjad Salah. I found a lot of peace & harmony, amazing love &affection, amazing sea of spiritualism. I remained bowed in Sajida for a significant period and tears were falling from my eyes.

Jinnat were waiting for me and guests were continuously joining the ceremony. The ceremony was to start at night at 1’O Clock. I remained performing Salah, praying and also showed the specific place of Sajda in Moti Mosque.

How the robber died…..???

Afterward I returned and remained thinking about the person who was first a robber in the age of Emperor Akbar and then turned as friend of Allah Almighty. I enquired from the Jins, do you know the name of that robber. He replied I do not know his name which was declared by birth but the emperor because of affiliation with himself named him Asghar. He had been calling him AsgharKhadim (assistant, helper, servant) because of his services for Mosque.

When AsgharKhadimwas near to die, he desired to carry him in the Moti Mosque, as was desirous to die there. He was ill since long but the other servants carriedhim in the Moti Mosque, where he was weeping and praying to Allah almighty with trembling hands.He was weeping bitterly, Ya-Allah my mornings & evenings (i.e. every moment) were full of dark (i.e. ignorance) but you washed my heart because of blessings of your home (mosque). And because of blessing of yours this home, a Darvesh (pious person) met with me who transferred the light of your love, acquaintance into my heart which he earned with hard efforts, practices. Ya-Allah, I am coming to you, Ya-Allah do the matter with me same as a mother does with her baby. I anticipate your mercy. He was crying and hitting the head on saying so.

The mosque was shaking because of his weeping, cryings, falling tears. At last, he said Allah 3 x times and his soul flew away.

Emperor Akbar Wept Bitterly

When the emperor Akbar listened that the Asghar Khadim has died, he came to the place where his dead body was kept. His hands & foots have been straightened & opened, thumbs fastened. The emperor king was the personality of immense courage and strong temperament but when he saw the dead body, started to weep bitterly.He said that he is the person due to whom I did not get single one but many treasures. I felt that I was having Hindu mentality and practicing Mushrikana customs, traditions (i.e. sharing Allah’s deeds, virtues with creature). I got a lot of spiritualism because of this AsgharKhadim and closeness with Allah Almighty. I expect Allah Almighty may forgive me, forgive Hamayun (father of Akbar) and all line of ancestral family. Afterward, ministers came to king and accompanied him. The Kind performed his Janaza Salah (the Salah performed on death of someone). The emperor often had been recalling, imagining him.

Then the Jinns told that afterward old Jinn undertook the responsibility of serving the Moti Mosque and now 40 Jinns are continuously serving this mosque. This service is continuedfor the last manycenturies and never diminishes. If humanbeings are not serving, the Jinns are definitely serving. This service shall remain continue because of blessing of Moti Mosque. Allah has granted a lot and solved problems of many Jinnat because of blessing of Moti Mosque.


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