MITHI city lost its sweetness

(Amit Sukhani, Mithi)

It was a time when we were living our best & peaceful days in our beloved city Mithi. We were dwelling our life without any worry & fear. We were doing our deeds without any tension & stress. We could get out of our home any time. We were doing conversations with our dudes late night. We were playing cricket at very early morning without any fear. We were hanging out with our friends at any place, any time. Whenever we come out of our home we didn't think “might we come back at our home or not?” or “Might we face some creepy incident”. Our parents were also free from all pensiveness regarding our safety. We were relieved from all worries, woes or any arduous thing related to our safety.

No doubt Mithi has advanced very much in every department but concurrently with these advancements we fell in luridness. Today's Mithi is no longer remain same Mithi as it was earlier. Today we’re in lap of carnage,massacre,child abuse, street firing, suicide case & all other sinisters. We have encountered two gruesome incidents since last 1 year, which made whole city outrageous. One incident about relentless firing on two trade brothers(named Dileep & chandar) & other about 1 weak ago the Chandar Sharma shot dead by unknown person infront of public market. And suicide became common in our city. Any person gets grudges from their family or somewhere else, he goes for suicide as permanent solution rather than to solve by living. So we have reached in intricacies of carnage & outrageousness as whole city is in hush of sublime fear. Nobody wants to go market or at any place lonely. If one man goes out for sometime, his family falls in many negative thoughts in their mind that “he might face same incident “. Today we can't play cricket early in the morning. We can't hangout with our friends at our will. We are aghasted to encounter these demolition. We didn't forsee these vandalism in our city. These calamities exacerbatting our city harshly.

We have to outdo something for our city to rehabilitate our peaceful & pleasurable days back & become free our city from all massacre & calamities. 

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