Why We Love Social Media Marketing In Pakistan (And You Should, Too!)

(Sheraz Durrani, islamabad)

Pakistan Social Media Marketing Scenario is changing Day by Day and Social media is on rising. But one of the numerous difficulties that you will confront when striving a product to light, create leads and advance your item, is the fact that you have a restricted pool of Budget available in your Kitty.

Pakistan is a nation which has the quickest developing web-based social networking populace on the planet, with in excess of 40 million Facebook clients.

Pakistan Social Media Marketing Scenario

This article will also try to explore the understanding of Pakistani people towards Social Media Advertisements. what attracts them and does these advertisements make them buy that product?

Pakistan is among the quickest developing Facebook and Twitter utilizing populace.

Approx 32 Million Active users are for Facebook and 3.5 Million active users are on Twitter and 5.80 users are Active on Instagram.

That’s why we have stated that Pakistan Social Media Marketing Scenario is changing very rapidly.

Pakistani users are between the ages of 18 to 50, of which 21% are females and 79% are males.

According to a new survey, it is stated that 20 million Pakistanis are consistently on the web.

Approx 45 Million Access Internet from their Cellphones, and these users are a game changer for Pakistan Social Media Marketing Scenario

A wide number of users sign in every day on Social Marketing Websites in which for the most they sign it at least 3 times each day.

Among the social media marketing networks, Facebook has been the most used social media platform in Pakistan.

Utilization of Social Media Networks

Most users utilize social media to stay in contact with their family and companions.

The analysis demonstrated that users additionally lean toward social networks to stay in contact with the business contacts and some want to be fully informed regarding fan pages they have joined.

Users experienced web banners and video promotions the most of these destinations and Facebook is thought about having very much informed advertisements.

At last, an extraordinary number of users coincided that advertisements showing up on Social Media Platforms helped them in reviewing brands and had an effect on them.

The above discussion clearly demonstrates the behavior of Pakistanis with respect to Internet Marketing, web utilization and their conduct towards commercials in Social Media platforms.

Results unmistakably demonstrate that there is a positive future for internet marketing in Pakistan.

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