May Allah Almighty save our country from corrupt officers.

(Karamat Hussain Janjua, Islamabad)

Mr. Zarar Haider Khan, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Production even if committed theft of an official of Kuwait's delegate , it is seemingly and manifestly his right. His competent Authority who appoints Grade 20 Officer and above perhaps is Prime Minister of Pakistan. When the Ex-Prime Ministers were thieves themselves as depicted from Pana leaks and case proceedings, what can be expected from a poor Joint Secretary. Only reason is that our bureaucracy of higher ranks has unfettered powers. Billion and Billion of rupees are on their disposal but the higher and highest bureaucrats consider themselves above the law. We saw a Deputy Secretary of Baluchistan from whose possession about more than Billions of rupees were recovered.

Our newly elected Prime Minister Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi. Please order a general inquiry about all bureaucrats and officials like Government Contractors, Patwaris, Tehsildars, Qanoongos, Collectors, SHOs , DSPs and promotee SPs in particular and other corrupt officers of high ranks and their Personal Assistants , Clerks (civilian) , cashiers {all without police uniform) , all Mohrars of Police Stations and Incharge of Mallkhans in all Police Stations first from Punjab and all Investigation Officers of the country inclusive of NAB, FIA whose children are studying in foreign countries like Dubai, England and USA etc. etc. which is behind their known resources and they are living beyond their means. You would not need to go to IMF. This does not mean that there is no God-fearing officer in Police and NAB. Income of Rupees Two Lakhs per mensem or slightly lesser income cannot make a Government employee to send their children abroad. Only a thief can afford such like expenditures. All Patwaris working in big cities in Punjab are billionaires and own plazas having expensive cars and some time fleet of cars. They looting general public and poor persons. It is because of thus bureaucracy that the poor are becoming poorest and rich thieves are vice versa becoming richest. Salaries and pensions of thieves would not make a difference. Ranks and files of National Highway Authority are the worst looter of national exchequer. I have heard that more than half of income of Motorway collected from passersby is being looted and wasted through corrupt practices. Allah may save our country from such thieves.

Early a year before in Punjab Constabulary Platoon No. 2, Multan the FIR was registered only against clerks and peons but Drawing and Disbursing Officer was given clean chit because of his rank for looting poor Constables of their salaries and allowances which perhaps came to more than Rs.3 Cores. Needless to say that these constable save lives of their officers. Such promotee SPs are posted from last so many years on one station in order to save them from accountability. Never impress from the rank of a person just look from his living beyond his means.

The liberator would be the person whosoever he be , who make those thieves who are looting the national exchequer without fear of accountability.

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