Top 6 Haunted Places in Karachi

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All these place also took place in Top12 Most Haunted Places of Pakistan...

1- Bride of Karsaz Road Karachi:- (1960s).

Many people have claimed to see a woman dressed up in bridal clothes on the road of Karsaz. On this road is the home of the Bride of Karsaz (haunted since 1960s). The rests in the middle of this patch of road, which people claim forever seems haunted. The bride’s home is a small insignificant graveyard. It is said that there is a jilted bride that awaits late-night travellers on the Dalmia road that connects Karsaz with Jauhar. If a traveller passes her while going home, something usually causes them to stop, and she appears as a beautiful woman dressed in bridal red. The stunning beauty waves as if she needs a ride or help and speaking a language no one seems to understand. As you look at her beautiful face, you will see it start to turn into something else, maggots begin to come out of her face and the hair on the back of your head will stand. Some say they have been chased by her screaming while others were able to flee without a sound. But one thing they all agree on is that after dark no one should travel on Dalmia Road alone, for the bride still awaits her groom.

2- House No. 39 K, block 6, PECHS, Karachi (since 1992-93).

There is a house in Karachi, named 39 K. Most people claim about a pale woman wearing a white dress, walking along the house and street, disappearing about 3:00 AM early morning. If you were to tarry along the streets of block 6 at P.E.C.H.S, KARACHI, you will see a light glowing around house No. 39-K. where it might simply mean that someone is living there most people insist seeing a pale woman wearing a white dress, walking along the street and disappearing about 03:00 AM.

3- Shireen Cinema Karachi.
(basically haunted since 2006 and closed since 2010). BUT DEMOLISHED IN 2016.
Who says’ you can’t enjoy a good movie just because you are dead? According to workers, this cinema has been closed for some time due to some visitors that were not expected. Apparently, voices and singing can be heard coming from the back of the cinema, and shadows can be seen on the screen when no on is there. How about that for a scary movie?..

Shireen Cinema is located in the North of Karachi and is closed for public since year 2010, as people and the staff of the cinema had felt some unusual things happening in the cinema. It is one haunted place in Karachi where ghosts come to watch movies; according to one of the staff members of the cinema, there are many ghosts living with their families in different areas of the cinema. Anyone can easily hear voices of people talking at the back row of the cinema at night knowing no one is in the cinema at that time. Things like the dripping of the water from the taps where there is no pipe line for water and people sitting in front of the screen singing songs and their shadows can easily be seen on the wall are happening inside the Shireen Cinema. So if you dare enough to see all this can visit the cinema and experience some scary paranormal activity by yourself. (NOW DEMOLISHED)...

شیریں سینما کراچی۔ جو 2006 سے پراسرار قوتوں کا مرکز بنا ہوا تھا۔ جسے 2016 تک ڈھا دیا گیا تھا۔ یہاں جنات موسیقی بجاتے تھے۔ کرسیوں کی آخری صف پر لگتا تھا جیسے کوئی غیر مرئی مخلوق بیٹھی ہوئی ہو۔ پانی بہنے کی آوازیں آتی تھیں جب کہ پانی کا کوئی کنکشن ہی نہیں ہے۔ اس سینما میں لوگ تفریح کے طور پر آیا کرتے تھے جب فلموں کا دور عروج پر تھا۔ بہت سی فلمیں اس سینما میں چلائی جاتیں۔ اس وقت اس سینما میں بڑی بھیڑ ہوتی۔ مگر جب رات کے وقت سارے شو ختم ہوجاتے تو اس سینما میں خود بخود گانے چلنا شروع ہوجاتے۔ کبھی کبھی فلم چلنا شروع ہوجاتی اور اس سینما کی سکرین پر عجیب سائے اور شکلیں نظر آنے لگتیں۔ اس سینما کے رکھوالے کرنے والے چوکیدار نے خودکشی کرلی اور اس کی کوئی وجہ سامنے نہ آسکی۔ اس نے خودکشی سینما حال کے اندر کی۔ سینما کی اتنظامیہ نے اس بات کو بہت چھپانے کی کوشش کی مگر یہ بات چھپ نہ سکی ۔ ایک دن رات کے شو کے دوران اچانک جو فلم چل رہی تھی وہ بھوتیا فلم میں تبدیل ہوگئی اور سینما کے دروازوں اور کھڑکیوں سے کسی عورت کے چلانے کی آوازیں آنےلگیں۔ سینما میں جتنے لوگ تھے سب ڈر کر بھاگ نکلے۔ سینما کی انتظامیہ نے فوراً ہی سینما کو بند کردیا۔ کافی عرصہ تک یہ بند رہا مگر کچھ عرصہ گزرنے کے بعد اس کو پھر کھولا گیا۔ اس کو کھولا تو گیا مگر پھر دوسرے ہی دن ایک اور چوکیدار کی لاش ملی۔ بلآخر اس سینما کو توڑ دیا گیا۔

4- Chowkandi Graveyard, Karachi.

Chowkandi Graveyard, located on the highway of Karachi has been considered as the most haunted graveyard, People located nearby claim that they heard people shouting and apparition have been witnessed also. Nobody dare to visit it after the sunset. Chowkandi graveyard located on the National Highway of Karachi, Pakistan is amongst the most ancient graveyard of the country, around 600 (six hundred) years old. It is also considered as one of the most haunted graveyard, nobody attempts to visit there after sunset as they would most likely to experience some unusual/paranormal activities. According to the people who live nearby, they heard people shouting and apparition have also been witnessed. Overall the Chokandi Graveyard has its own ancient beauty that attracts visitors, but nobody dare to visit it after the sunset. Not to forget the great factor of Black Magic, usually done in this graveyard with a goat’s head.

5- The Mohatta Palace Karachi - (since 1995).

This palace is a museum now where guards claim that things have a tendency to move from on place to another, the claim also has been made of lights moving around, when no one is in the palace. When the Govt of Sindh had purchased this palace in 1995, security guards found it as HAUNTED.

Built in 1927 by Shivratan Chandraratan, it was abandoned when India and Pakistan partition took place. This incredible palace is now a museum. But many strange things seem to happen here when the visitors are gone and the lights grow dim. Many of the workers claim that things have a tendency to move themselves, from one place to another, claims have been made of lights moving around, when no one is inside. The guards believe that the palace is haunted by ghosts from the British Raj; they say their presence can be “felt” during the night while the guards are on duty.

6- Hawks Bay Hut (Karachi) (mysterious hut).

They say that this particular hut has never been rented out, and if someone is foolish enough to rent it, they never make it through the night there. For during the night especially on a full moon, weddings are held by Jinnat. They do not take kindly to uninvited guests. So beware before renting this hut at Hawk’s Bay.


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