(Muhammad Yaseen, Karachi)

Gender Equality Is Achieved When Both Women And Men Enjoy The Same Rights And Opportunities Across All Sectors Of Society, Including Economic Participation And Decision Making And When Different Behaviors, Aspirations And Needs Of Women And Men Are As Equally Valued And Flavored.

People Nowadays Don’t Understand What The Meaning Of The Word Equality Is. As A Male One Would Know How It Feels When People Around Would Tell That Men Cant Cry And They Cant Open Up To Someone. My Religion Talk About Treating Men And Women Equally In All Perspectives Of Life. Who Told That Women Cant Do Jobs And Who Told That Men Cant Stay At Home And Be Home Dads. People Need To Understand That If A Man Can Achieve All The Goals In Life Then Women Can Do Too. The Nation Can Only Grow If They Know How To Treat Each Other Equally. We May Have Different Religions, Different Languages, Different Colored Skin, But We All Human Belong To The Same Human Race.

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