Here’s To All The Men

(Haseeb Nomani, Karachi)

How do you define a man? The rough rugged figure of the family designated to serve as the leader for the lot. The person who has to stop dreaming as he gets taken over by responsibilities at an early stage of his life, the person who is depended upon by the lot. Whose margin of error is extremely thin, making him stand on the constant brink of failure. The person who gets taken for granted and is not appreciated on what he brings to the table, the person who serves his youth, the golden days of his life supporting the people who look up to him. The person who stops living just so the people close to him could live.

But it is a pity that man is judged based on a few wrongly conceptualized features of this half of human kind. Man is judged to be the short tempered one, the one that bounds you and takes your independence away. The pervert that stares at you while you’re upon your business, the one that doesn’t hesitate in taking extreme measures towards things that fall out of their plans.

So why is men taken for granted? The world doesn’t care to celebrate a day for them like the days specified for women, children and so on. They fall behind in a queue. They are not given enough comfort on various occasions to those that are given to other entities that coexist with them. Imagine a ship is sinking with people on board with only four rescue boats on the deck to carry the passengers to safety. The men on this occasion are told to wait while the women and children fill the boats first. Why are the men left behind? Why are they not valued as much as the rest?

So here’s to the less valued, underrated entity of this society. Here’s to the kind that willingly volunteers to eliminate his dreams and let life take over. Here’s to the entity that keeps the engine of the world running. Here’s to those people that make the decisions then takes the blame if anything falls out. Here’s to those whose efforts are taken for granted. Here’s to those that take the charge and never backs out from a challenge. Here’s to those that hide a hundred emotions under their rough personality. Here’s to those that willingly get left behind on a sinking ship. Here’s to those that strive so much into life that they forget the expression of a smile, just to make sure the people they love continue smiling. Here’s to all the men!

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