Oh Karachi- you beauty


Couldn't resist myself writing this,  Born as a Karachitte is a blessing to me. Under the poetic license Karachi is fervor, Karachi is passion, Karachi is serene, Karachi is aesthetic, Karachi is a majestic explosion .

A city of lights, far more diverse than any other city, tasty food, have interesting architecture, city which has everything for everyone, and a city which teaches us how to be hardy and adaptable.

Most of the time we get to hear Karachi is dying, Karachi is burning, Karachi is full of terror. But in reality Karachi is the most lively city, city which glows and bloom in every situation, city which is full of happiness.

What media portray is half truth. Mingle in Karachi, then you would know what a lovely city it is.

For me Karachi is a home to me and no label of any kind will take away the pride that I feel for being a Karachitte

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