Mother Earth Cries For Help

(Haseeb Nomani, Karachi)

Mother earth cries for help. The cry could be heard on the roads, the never stopping honks that we all have gotten used to. The cry could be seen in the landscapes and sceneries that were once beautiful, lush green and ever alive. Now they present a picture of a dead being that was once a beautiful spectacle. But who does mother earth cry to? The human kind? The kind that only cares about moving forward without stopping to think of everything it is destroying on its way. Why would a victim cry for help to the one who murdered?

A murdered is what we are. Through our endless list of demands, of utter unsatisfactory and sick needy personality, we brought this beautiful planet to where it stands today. We set up our empires, our mighty industries with constant production just because nothing is considered enough for us. We think we’re moving forward by the constant developments in science but little do we know of how backwards it is throwing us.

Today, I long for one deep breath of fresh air. To inhale a tiny fraction of air that isn’t polluted with the outcomes of our “technology”. Today I wish to drink water that is fresh. To sip a tiny fraction of it that isn’t experimented on. Today wish to see the stars on the sky. The natural piece of beauty that was once in abundance as they clustered above our heads every night and could be seen from anywhere. Where did they disappear?

How did we manage to destroy our own home? Was it that necessary to use things that would consequently damage this beautiful land that was granted to our unworthy-selves.
I pity the generations to come. I pity that they won’t witness this part of heaven in its true gorgeous shape. That they would not have any fresh air left to breathe in, fresh water left to drink. The rate of killings of marine animals through toxic oil spills, I pity the people to come will not be able to see the beauty of the sea and the animal kinds just because the generations before them were busy killing animals for fun.

Today mother earth cries for help to the almighty that it never should have been gifted to us who did not think twice in ruining it. But we can still save it. We can put our lousy, never ending demands aside and work for the betterment of this land. Let us not pollute our air, damage our lands and contaminate our water. Let us plant trees instead of cutting them. Let us put an effort into caring about our home and stop taking it for granted. The mother earth needs us but more over, we need our mother earth because at the end of the day, it is the only home we can have for ourselves.

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