We are moving towards an automated world

(Sahil, Karachi)

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As we are living in an age where everything belongs to science and technology and now we have become habitual of this age and because of science we are enjoying an easy, comfortable and luxurious life. A lot of work is taking out from machines, we can easily say that machines have now taken the places of humans to reduce workload, it is beneficial for labors to overcome their work but only beneficial is it? Of course not, uses of technology are showing that we are moving towards an automated world but what does actually mean it? It means to use the system and the methods which all belong to technology of automation (i.e. the use of automatic equipment in the production of anything to save time and to facilitate) and yes, of course, the world is moving faster and faster we have now surrounded by the automation it helps to refer workflow independently without taking the help from anyone, we are achieving our desires while on the other side people are playing their own roles to make the automation more and more advanced. It is even difficult to count the automation in which we are being surrounded and it is progressing vastly day by day, even it represents from tinier to more complex inventions. In upcoming years all of us will be entertaining the only idea and that is automation and it will be taken the place of manual. If someone asks that where we are using automation so the answer will only be the everywhere but what everywhere we have to calculate that where we are using and now have become easygoing, because consequences are showing that we will become slower than now because of lack in manual work. In the upcoming years more we will be surrounded by new technologies and automation more we will be dull and slow.

Being a part of an automated life there are a lot of benefits like if you are a lazy person and you don’t do any work till the 11th hour, so with the help of technology, you can do it whenever you want. it even helps you to run your businesses properly , even in factories, in manufacturing, in farming, even in homes, etc. the simplest example of automated life belongs to our homes from bulbs and fans to burners and spirits everything belongs to automated life even we don’t supposed ourselves to wash utensils, to clean floor, to wash clothes and now even to cook by standing in front of stove not even for an hour, because we have now become habitual of ovens, in other words, we are now have become the slaves of an automated world. We are in a society where we can’t spend one day without our cell phones we are connected with everyone by means of automation but not by heart and we call ourselves that we are up to the mark and we are walking with the society, In the upcoming years we all will be more unfit than now because we are far from manual work we just use our mind, but not our body because we use automation and we are even in the age of 20s have become lazy and work shy and for today’s society I just want to repeat my words that we can’t do our work on our own but we can do thralldom of automated world.

Consequences of the use of automation show that the most of the labor will lost their jobs by upcoming years just because high demand of automation even in Japan at most of the place robots has taken the place of labors just as machinery has taken, but of course when new automation comes so, new jobs will be created, existing positions of jobs will be modified and as few years back we had professionals of old ages, but in the upcoming years as more new inventions we will be having more younger or middle aged professionals will be appearing. In today’s world we are being surrounded by almost 60% of an automated life so there is some work left for the labors. But, the vast use of automation is showing that in the upcoming years we will be having industrial robots which will be replaced by the left 40% labor in the same way as the new and advanced ways of farming has almost replaced the old farmers and their trends.

There is one more thing that we can’t neglect, however it took years in catching the attention of the public towards global warming, but now everyone is aware that what the global warming is, but we are not doing anything to reduce it just because we don’t have time to see other than the surroundings of our automated world, but we have to focus that how automation impacts on our environment, it is not only about the global warming, but also about daily activities and the truth is, that we really have to work for it if we want to save ourselves and our environment, we have to leave our comfort zone, but first we have to come to know that how automation impacts on the environment and on ourselves.

Progress in the automation of the world and its effects on ourselves and on our society are never been separated. We have now become dependent on automation that’s why we are now completely moving towards an automated world. Because of technology, we have improved a lot of things, but we have a need to take a look to its side effects. The more we are demanding for automation the more we are destroying our natural resources. Just look at the daily using automation like mobile phones and computers, as the population is increasing the demand of mobile phones and computers are increasing, every individual wants his own, and we all know that natural metals are being used for the manufacturing of these things and of course they are not going to return it to the earth. Same as on the other hand automation is causing the pollution and pollution is causing the harm to the crops we eat, the water we drink and the oxygen we breathe. The increasing demand for automation causing the new factories to be built, and their wastage and smoke and uses of harmful chemicals and gasses have polluted our environment and in the upcoming days they will pollute it more, and this pollution effect on our health which is now causing the thousand of diseases and giving the birth to the dangerous germs of cancer, no doubt that the automation of new machinery and technology is now providing the treatment of diseases but it is the cause of it as well, but people have no idea that how their steps towards an automated world, giving an open invitation to the worse consequences in a different ways.

As more as we are being surrounded by the automation and moving towards an automated world our children also observing us and doing the same day by day and they are also getting attracted towards an automation and getting themselves to be engaged in it. It is beneficial when they learn something from it and get progress in this competitive world and keep themselves up to the mark, but concerning these things we have now forgotten that it also leaves bad impacts on their health, eye sights, distinctive boundaries, mental and emotional fitness. And one of the important and frequent issues in children concerning automation is their utmost desire of possession, but the way of using, it is not healthy profit all the time. In older times children used to play with their toys and loved to spend time with their friends and felt fresh to play outside, but now they love to spend their time with automation. This has now become the reason behind their stubborn and frustrated behavior which is now leading their personalities towards negativity and their bedrooms have now become their limited access. The most frequent problem with the child behavior is whatever and whenever they want anything with the help of advanced automation met immediately, anything can be purchased with one click and can be received in doorsteps within a day, they can watch anything, anytime with the help of internet in one sitting without having to wait to be telecast ed on TV, just because of overuse of automation, making our kids back from their studies, friends, and families, it is also making them loss tempered, frustrated, overwhelmed and upset. Isn’t it enough to observe the behavior of our children because of an automated world? Isn’t it enough to accept the harms which are being caused by an automated world? Isn’t it enough to take a step against the automation? Isn’t it enough to stop the world from destruction? It’s all enough if we really want to take a step, but not, if we have become blind and don’t want to see anything even with the open eyes, and it means that we are responsible for our own loss of health, destruction of the world and deterioration of our present and upcoming generations.

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