Noise Pollution

(Afrah Imran, Karachi)

Did you know in Europe at Heathrow there is restriction on landing and takeoff of aeroplane in between 11:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and this period is called Night Quota Period (NQP) which is said by DfT as aeroplanes are a source of noise pollution. In our country noise pollution has the greatest part to enhance the panic among people especially heart people. It produces anxiety disorder and many others. It is one of the moral less activity of our society that we played a loud sound in Avenue, streets as well as in our homes. The songs, Naat, Qawwali whatever be played it's sound must be in Limited quarter. Noise pollution causes are industrialiazation as in industries many heavy machines are used which create high peak of noisy sound. The next one is Social events as in parties, weddings, and different functions loud sounds are used this is also the major cause of noise pollution. So, in such events moderate or minimal voice is better that doesn't tease walking people and the people who are physically or mentally weak. The next one is construction activity like mining, construction of buildings, stations, road etc. The other one is transportation as the population is increased day by day therefore the rate of traffic increases and large number of vehicles on roads create noise which mainly caused panic headache etc. Due to noise pollution many effects like hypertension, high stress level, tinnitus, sleep disturbance, cardiovascular diseases, nervous breakdown, due to excessive noise there is decreased in the production of digestive juices, are seem among people as well as it also effects animals.

In German, according to a recent study traffic noise badly affects the people which leads to Heart Attack this study is conducted by ( Noise- Related Annoyance Cognition and Health) NORAH which is spread through Europe. In order to overcome the drawbacks of noise pollution we should planted many trees along the road sides as trees absorb the intensity of noise pollution. Along with the restruction of loud sound horn with proper maintenance in vehicles the use of Advanced technology silencer should be used. Use of ear plugs or ear muffs should be provided for workers who are working on industries, the air traffic sound must be reduced by suitable technique. Stringent laws should be implemented to control noise pollution. There is necessary to educate public about harmful effects of noise pollution, through television, radio and newspaper.

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