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(SAMEER SAEED, Rawalpindi)

Losing weight is a added bonus for vanity purposes. However, there is nothing better than being fit. Having a healthy, fit body is essential to daily functions such as carrying groceries, climbing stairs, taking the grandchildren for a walk or hanging out with your dog. Your body is your temple, and you should treat it as such. Your body will naturally get rid of excess fat once you put more emphasis on being fit and less on losing weighI admit it: I was once one of “those women” for whom post-pregnancy weight loss was relatively quick and painless. I’ve never been model-skinny, but after the birth of my first two children my previous waistline was recovered with little to no effort. Yeah, I know what you want to call me, and I don’t blame you. So kick back and laugh when I tell you that the pounds decided they wanted to take up permanent residence after my third son was born. No amount of calorie counting or exercise did the trick, which threw me for a tailspin worse than those teacups at Disney World.

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