Woman's Independence

(Afrah Imran, karachi)

In this modern world there is necessary for a woman that she makes herself independent. Confidence, high self esteem, education and health are most important things for an independent life.

In Pakistan, mostly women are depend on their families and it may be worst for them in difficult times. We should responsible to prepare them for confidence. Many programs are arranged in Pakistan where a woman can participate and polish her confidence.

Put yourself first, give attention to yourself more in life, recognize which thing you are like most live yourself it may help you to build self confidence and high self esteem. Do what you want, in which work you are more interested or in which thing you are more passionate this my help you to increase your self possession. Not believe in yourself may lower your confidence level and morale and if you walk on the way what people say it may be worst for yourself. If you believe your abilities and achievements it brings you toward success and help to build self-reliance.

Munibah Mazari, an Iron lady of Pakistan said:
" Strength has no gender a woman can be strong as man, equality means equal opportunities."

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Afrah imran. No doudbt u r a good writer stay blessed keep writing...
By: Shaheer (shery), Karachi on Apr, 13 2019
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