WHAT HUMAN NATURE IS? In the light of Al Quran

(Uzma Sagheer Janjua, Islamabad)

Among all creations in the heaven and earth, only man has been bestowed with many distinctive qualities .As the recipient of these distinctive qualities from Allah the Almighty, Man is placed on the highest pedestal in the hierarchy of creations. Some of these distinctive features are that man has been created in the best form (Al Quran, Al –Tin, 1-4). Provided with the creative intelligence ( Al Quran ,Al Baqarah 31-34 ) given the power of speech and freedom of choice ( Al-Quran,Al-Rehman,4 ,Al –Insan ,3 ) .
Due to the fact that man has been endowed with such noble qualities or for some other reasons only known to the creator man has been chosen to be his Khalifah ( vicegerent ) on earth ,A part from that ,man has been further honored in his stature and position when Allah made all things created in the heaven and earth to be service to him ( Al-Quran ,Al-Jathiyah 13, A-Isra , 70 ) .

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