The Mysterious Key

(Maryam, Karachi)

Well its been long since I haven't written so I just have tried to write a story so enjoy and do comment if you like it.

The girl stood there in a black dress with a black jacket on top and her light brown hair tied in a ponytail and a black scarf tied around her neck. The wind was blowing hard and she stood near Sandrom with her heart pumping so fast as thou it might break her rib cage. she had never felt so nervous in her entire life was it because she lost self-esteem or was it because she never thought of moving into an unknown place all alone. she walked with heavy steps and say on the bench and she looked at the people every step of people looked as though it was rising to crush her or it was willing to step on her. When Aleena just came and sat next to her a girl with long black hair tied in a long tail and with beautiful black eyes interrupted her thoughts." what are you thinking?",she was eager to know. Saira with a look of distress and a fake smile set on her," about the stars"." in the daytime, seriously", Aleena was aware of the lie." yeah"Saira said.

" Lovely my dear friend.Let's go to the hostel", as they walked Saira remembered of her last life that how she spent her days in peace with her family and now how she is staying in the hostel to get education. She was puzzled in the thought that why life chose her to be in Sandrom an institution in Hareen a city which is said to be having a history that all the royal kings and queens were born here. All of them possessed some special qualities Which an individual does not possess located in Asia.Saira was studying English literature there. she belonged to Gandram a city where people of lower class reside. She never thought of studying in Sandrom but you never know what fate has set for you.

Saira a girl of lower class has to set in a school where people of higher class studied. now life has taken a new turn in her life.Not only in educational sense but in her fate......

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