9- Ways Discrimination affects Students’ Educational Process

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Keeping prejudice about ethnicity, age, religion, race, language or gender is known as discrimination. The unfair treatment by teachers or a group of faculty members against a particular group of students or specific people is also known as discrimination that makes the society uneven. The discrimination affects students’ educational process under nine ways which are given below:-
1. Diversified Capability Affected: If discrimination is carried out in the educational process the students’ diversified capability is potentially exaggerated and affected. They may lose their attention in their studies. They may be downgraded. In this way their diversified capability is affected.
2. Hatred Prevails: The discriminatory attitudes by a teacher against some particular students spur the hatred and revolt passion amongst those students. They misbehave not only their teachers, but also their elders. It affects the students’ educational process.
3. Impatience: Students who are mistreated by way of discrimination become impatient. They are ready to fight on flimsy grounds, even ready to kill or being killed. The impatience tendency of students badly affects the students’ educational process.
4. Antagonism and Factionalism: The Antagonism and Factionalism are the products of Discrimination and they can spoil the entire process of education. If one wants to save the educational process, the impartiality, fairness and tolerance must be prevailed in the educational process. The Antagonism and Factionalism are core features that affect students’ educational process.
5. Group Making Tendency: The discriminatory attitude divides the students into two major groups – one favored students and the 2nd mistreated students. This group-making tendency spoils the students’ educational process by way of division and hatred amongst students.
6. Deterioration of Study: The study of students is deteriorated due to discrimination by faculty members. It is the natural law that if discrimination is prevailed against some particular students, the favored students are also not in a position to take the smooth learning. They are affected by undue favor.
7. Death of Essence of Education: Like confidence, the essence of education also plays an important role in getting the education. The discrimination attitude kills the essence of education also it is the spiritual truth that if the essence of education is ruining the students’ educational process is deteriorated.
8. Credibility Affected: All those universities or colleges where discrimination is prevailed their credibility is badly affected. Potential students avoid enrolling themselves in those universities or colleges. Their ranking in educational sectors is also affected. Their unlikelihood and improbability affect students’ educational process.
9. Inconsistency: The discrimination creates inconsistency in all walks of life, whether it is an educational sector or a non-educational sector. Further, it is true that consistency is an integral part of success if in an educational sector inconsistency is created by way of discrimination it certainly affects the students’ educational process.

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