Plastic Pollution Is A Threat To The World

(Raana Kanwal, )

Global warming is increasing rapidly and it's an alarming threat to the whole world. Even more worried is that in ten world cities where most of the pollution is found, Faisalabad is third and Lahore is on number two. On the one hand, the people living in cities are disturbed with smoke from vehicles and motorcycles. On the other hand, plastic-related pollution has touched the life of water.

According to a recent report, the level of carbon dioxide gas will increase as much as mid-century as it did not even see in the past 56 million years. One of the major reasons for pollution is carbon dioxide gas due to which the surface of the ground does not get cold at night and also increases the heat intensity of ocean water.

Due to the seas, we have been infected by some of the spreading pollutions in the world, for centuries, since the oceans have absorbed carbon dioxide, widely in the atmosphere, and thus contributed to keeping the Earth's atmosphere happy. That is why there is not yet a complete impact of global warming show. But now due to plastic, the sea is also not protected from pollution.

According to research more than 80 million tons of plastic are being added every year in the ocean and If there is no control over this problem before 2050, the sea will get more plastic than fish. People often throw shopper bags and other disposable products, such as soda cans or water bottles on the road.Which has increased plastic pollution worldwide and many reports have also been reported in this regard. Often the animals living around the ocean mistakenly swallow plastic glasses, and that is what causes their death.

Therefore, animals in the world are ending. A few days ago, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government banned the use of plastic bags throughout the province, which could be called a positive step by the government. But it is necessary to present an alternative. For example, shopper bags have been introduced in Ukraine that you can eat after use.

On the other hand, if talking about plants and trees, it is very essential for the whole world, and we got different types of fruits and vegetables from them, but now they also have the risk of plastic pollution because plants and trees the essential ingredients for the pollution are being destroyed due to plastic pollution. Plastic is an incredibly useful thing, but it is born of poisonous chemicals that cause diseases.

One way to avoid this is that whenever you buy a meal of food, take something in the paper rather than the shopping bag. The other way is to carry with the vessel and bring something to it. In addition, try to bring plastic bags to home and avoid excessive packaging items. This way you can play the role in reducing plastic pollution.

Recently, more than 150 countries in the United Nations Environmental Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya's capital, emphasized reducing the use of plastic within the next ten years. Earlier it was suggested that by 2025 this problem would be overcome, but some other countries, including the United States, opposed this proposal and presented the reason that it is not easy to control this problem so quickly.

If the world is developing science and technology on one side, on the other side itself is creating its own waste. It would not be wrong to say that we are ourselves an enemy in the name of development. It is necessary that every person will pay self-help to reduce plastic pollution and global warming. For example, buying new products, bottles, plastic containers and bring reused rather than thrown away after use such items, use of energy saver lights, and reducing the use of electricity. Taking such measures, including planting, can control pollution problems.

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