Thoughtful Thoughts

(Syeda Khair-ul-Bariyah, Lahore)
*Speak your Heart*
Say what you feel
Just speak your heart
But never let relationships
Fall apart

*Love and hatred*
Love to be loved in return
Hate to be betrayed in return

*Real Pain of Relations*
Real Pain is not the pain of death
Real Pain is departure of someone before death

*Get Positive out of Departures*
Don't repent when people leave you
Do such great things in life
Just hit the challenges in life
That people repent on leaving you

*Why pen flows?*
Let the pen flow
To ease your soul

*Loving Souls*
Some souls are born to love unconditionally
These are the souls who get hurt unreasonably
Never consider them insane to impart love as
They balance the negative emotions around
Otherwise the world would be upside down!

*Muddy Body..Muddy heart*
In a muddy body
I have a fragile muddy heart
Afraid of the muddy world around
Which will crack its mud
To be lost in mud
With my muddy emotions
With my muddy passions
In temporary muddy world...

*Wrong expressions*
Amongst the wrong moves we take are the expression of love reluctantly and the expression of hatred confidently....

*Balance of Emotions*
If you keep thinking emotionally
You can never grow professionally
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