Pakistani Cricket Team lost, but Pakistani Nation got Ethically Drowned

(Fayez Shamim, Karachi)

With the recent loss of Pakistan in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, entire Pakistani nation felt hurt, disappointed, angry and ashamed of its teams performance, as the team couldn’t even perform in any session of the game, there was no resilience, and it was a totally one-sided game as India outclassed and whitewashed Pakistan in all departments of the games.

As Pakistani’s are a highly emotional nation, therefore this nation always goes extreme ends of both heroism & victimization, as it is the same nation who we’re acknowledging and crowing their cricketing heroes after winning tremendously against England but losing against their arch-rival India wasn’t easy to accept for the nation.

Such a disappointing defeat left the nation of 220 million people in grief anger and frustration, and eventually different social media platforms became an accessible common social online gallery, where the nation vomited their disappointment anger and frustration.

On the name of criticism entire nation started bullying, humiliating, and assassinating cricketers both personally and professionally and height of shame was reached when a certain group of people started even bullying families and spouses of cricketers by interfering in their personal lives and humiliating their family lives as well.

What went wrong was, we as a nation are still in the process of developing as a civilized especially when it comes to keeping and remember a proper balance between criticism and humiliation/character assassination.

Since Pakistani team is a professional team and they have been paid for their jobs so they are accountable for their performances and to be judged and evaluated but it should be kept in mind that there should be constructive criticism and that criticism should be done till the extent of their professional performances and careers and within ethical and social accepted values of our society.

Cricket unites Pakistan under our national flag regardless of our differences of cultures, ethnicities or statuses and therefore we are extremely sensitive about it, but yet we should not forget that the same media platforms are used by our players, their friends and families, what impact or what shame, humiliation or victimization they have to go through, how would they survive this mental torture and bullying.

As social Media from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and etc. are global social media platforms, therefore, each and every Pakistani represents their state on these platforms, whether we are acknowledging, appreciating, criticizing or humiliating we like it or not, we accept it or not we are being seen by the entire world that how civilized we are as a nation.

Even Islam also teaches us not to criticize our fellow brother/sister in front of a third person to sustain his respect, honor, and dignity, therefore as mature civilized democratic society we should always exercise the right of freedom of speech with constructive criticism by respecting the right of other persons respect and personal privacy and yet we should also remember the core ethical values of respecting individuals regardless of our personal hate or anger and even we are extremely hurt of frustrated but still ethical values needs to be respected and kept alive !

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