Sky rocketing prices

(Maria murtaza, Karachi)

Respected sir! I am writing to express my deep thoughts over the sky rocketing prices of essential commodities which making the life of a common man very hard. Now a days the prices of essential commodities such as rice, floor vegetable are so high than a poor man cannot afford and even it is also making problems for a common man. There are things which we need in our daily life to survive As you know in the month of ramzan the Prices become more high. The government has failed miserably in its promise of keeping the inflation low. On one hand we have food grains worth million of rupee rotting in the FCI go downs and on the other hand poor and the middle classes of our country not getting the foos grains and pulses on reasonable prices. Why does the government not make these food grains and pulses available to the common people once the government will supply these food items in to the market the prices will automatically go downs. Through the column of your esteemed daily i appeal to the concern authority to look in to the matter and take steps the alleviate people trouble.

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