Terrorism In Pakistan

(Hiba, Karachi)

Terrorism is one of the biggest problem in Pakistan due to which we are not save. It has put the reputation of Pakistan to the edge. Terrorism is often construed as a well-thought-out, extreme form of violence to perceived injustices. Terrorist always attack the schools, colleges, universities, hospital and many more and killing the students and small kids . We could observe that we have faced many attacks where we have lost precious lives. The recent attack in Mastung was the most terrible attack in complete Pakistan where more than 150 people died. Still the terrorist are attacking and killing our leaders which is very much bad for our country.It is a never ending problem. Terrorism has lead to many lost lives, so much destruction and war. The after effects of terrorism are usually reported without understanding the underlying psychological and social determinants of the terrorist act. Since ‘9/11’ Pakistan has been at the epicenter of both terrorism and the war against it. So for this government should provide more and more securities in order to save our students and leaders.

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