Shortage of electricity

(Nazneen, Gwadar)

In this modern era of 21st century every single thing of our everyday life depends on electricity from our kitchen to household works till university to offices every single thing.we can't even think about a best day without electricity, but still we are facing the worth load shedding ever and of course many problems start just because of shortage of electricity.

Because of shortage of electricity in this hot weather students do not come because of heatstroke and people can not do their work because of darkness.

I'd like to vigilante the area so people who steal electricity and also check their meters.So everyone can get equal facilities.If the government take strict action against those who steal electricity than half the problem of power shortages would be solved.

The Moto to write this article is to get rid of this problem so all these problem can be solved and people could do their jobs without any difficulty.

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