Letter on increasing number of crimes in our society

(Saira khan, Karachi)

Respected sir, kindly permit me to express my concern on the increasing number of crimes in society during the past few years .through the column ot your esteemed newspaper i wish to draw the attention of concern authorities towards some serious crimes in our society. The time graph in the country has been recording a spirit for the last few years crimes against women and children have increased manifold during the recent past .This alarming rate of increase in crimes is a cause of concern for all rights thinking citizens in the country. Lack of moral educations propagation of violence in films and television serials, irresponsible police behavior and a desire for easy money or undeserved prosperity in life is some of the reasons that lead to crimes. This situation must be tackled before it is too late. A multipringed strategy should be evolved to check crimes in society . The public at large and the students in particular should be educated and told to respect the sanctity of life and individuals liberty. The police force need to be educated to handle the situation intelligently and sympathetically. The media should be forced to play a responsible positive role. I am sure things will improve before all is lost . Your sincerely, saira khan

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