Education and Numberphobia

(Asma Tariq, Gujrat)

 The education we are giving in  our institutions is not sufficient because it doesn't broaden our vision doesn't change our mindset. We're still with old baseless ideology and believes that has no roots.
Our women after getting higher education are still engaged in Saas baho concepts and busy in backbitings. Just wao
And our men, you send me at any institution, they still go with their slang words and staring eyes.They still have the same mindset with which they entered in the institution.No difference ..
Yesss education is the most important thing for a person to live in a better way ,it's a opportunity to learn to improve ourselves but when our only concern is numbers and degrees then it doesn't give us anything.I knew my metric and fsc period where our only focus was numbers. ....but after fsc when my super numbers threw me at the same place with the average numbers.... when mdcat rejected me I went through a shock although I never had a doctor mindset jo injection dekh na ske, how she can become a doctor.
Throughout my childhood I was creative but numberphobia sent my creativity in a dustbin where I lost everything ... I went through the depression for a long time and still it pinches although I started my journey again but I can't change roots, can't go with the things which was my love...In Pakistan there is no setup like that where you can change your field at any step when you realized you were wrong here you have to go with the mistake.
...As I did mistake after matric to go with the opposite thing, biology I got 92 93 in fsc in biology but that gave me nothing, simply nothing.
I choosed wrong to show people how intelligent I am and famous statement of our families,Larki Doctor bn rhe ha but
she gets faint after seeing blood ."
and she was going to be a doctor,hilarious.
But I suffered a lot and still suffering so it's my request to metric fellows and their parents and siblings.
Please please allow them to choose their sbjects freely as their mindset and support them in their decision. There is no such existed trends, we make trends.
Demand usi ki ha jo capable ha and some people have great capability with low marks and some can't even talk confidently although toppers .
We didn't know how to talk with someone, how to meet with someone ,how to present still suffer make mistakes and correct them but education is this where you learn where you improve yourself.
If there are two persons one with the basic education but has a broaden vision, better ideology and mindset.
And the other one has doctorate degree but narrow vision and old ideology. .
Who is better certainly the first one, because he has the understanding of things, he has capability to do anything, his family is happy with him, people would love him.
Education is in vision not number of certificates and degrees with all degrees we also need to work on our mindset. There are number of people who has numerous degrees and certificates but has no vision they don't know how to deal with the people as we don't know and don't try think about it. It's time to work on ourselves, on our mindsets. It's time to make ourselves better. I never get afraid from uneducated people because they don't know anything but from the people who have narrow mindset.My teacher advised me," In this environment to survive ,you must have hight amount of resistance against this. Be focused and keep moving.

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