(Dr. Shakira Nandini, Oporto)


Your life is filled with many choices that determine your future. Sometimes you may wonder why things must be so hard. Why some must struggle while others live in greatness. Is this truly fair?

Wealth is a lie.
Money is merely words.
The rich are no different from the poor and the haves are no different from the have-nots: all are bodies dressed in clothes paying for things with paper and stone. Who decrees that gold is of more value than sand? Who claims that paper with a number printed on it is more valuable than a fruit that grows on a tree?

When a person is hungry, they cannot eat paper or gold.
Words are the true power of the elite. Words say that printed paper and polished rocks can be traded for food and water and shelter. Words say that numbers on a bank’s computer screen determine one human’s value to be higher than another’s.

Words are the wealth of the wealthy.
Knowledge is the power of the words.
If your life is faced with struggles, remember the power of the mind. Remember that your brain bears no physical difference from that of a millionaire, a billionaire, a queen or a president. Remember that those who attain power were born with minds as empty of knowledge as every other child — their choices of what to fill their minds with led them to lives of Abundance.

Empires will fall so greater empires can be made from its ashes;
a life will crumble so a greater future can be built with its pieces.
There is no finality in life except death, and no hardship too crushing for you to overcome. There is security in knowing that your life has purpose and that every moment is by design.

Find peace in the fact that the darkest moments in your life are merely required prerequisites for an illustrious future that approaches. Know that however dark your world may seem, the ever-present glow of the Light will guide you to safety.

The choices you make determine your life’s road. Fear not for where you are today. Fear nothing at all.

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