(Seemal Perwaiz Ahmed, Qasimabad Hyderabad)

Procrastination is the thief of time. You keep procrastinating a single peice of work and it effects your mental health. A procrastinator can never get success in his/her life. Usually the procrastination happens when the the task seems difficult to you. There's much more work to do to get rid of procrastination. Procrastination is the trick played by your mind. It tricks you to leave every work behind and start moving forward. But remember the works that you're delaying will surely come to you in your next steps. You cannot easily procrastinate everything. Sometimes many procrastinators think that he/she is a failure and cannot do anything. They step ahead with a degree of shame amd guilt. This way the task seems more and more difficult to him/her. You remember the snooze button? It should not always be used. If you use it wisely then it's an amazing technology. It's not necessary to always carry Iphone in your hands to show it off. Instead think the technologies as a tool for your life. Every technology is made for some reason. Procrastination also happens when you go over a website for some important work and end up in useless unnecessary websites. You delay that work. Don't you? Overcome your procrastination before it leads you to highly effected mental health issues. Do you know how to overcome? There are specific ways;
Take a long deep breath and start doing all your important works.
If a task seems long and difficult to you, then break it into smaller tasks. And start doing those small small tasks.
Have a right attitude to explain your personality. Busy yourself into your attitudes.
Stay away from the interruptions. If your phone keeps on ringing with useless texts them put it into another room.
Freshen your mind and focus on your works.
85% of the people are blaming the technologies for making them a procrastinator. Instead technologies are a blessing if they're used the right way. Blame your laziness which is growing day by day. Get rid of procrastination sooner. Because the sooner, the better. Do not procrastinate yourself. In my opinion it's the fault of this generation who have found some futile games and websites which they keep on roaming around and wasting their time. Set your goals and achieve them. Stand against procrastination rather than being in it completely.

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