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Really a good teacher is like a candle because he consumes itself to light the way for others. Teacher who called spiritual father has been given a very high position after the parents it is the teacher who teaches us to distinguish right and wrong. Teacher transfers all knowledge, experience to his students just like our parents who do everything for their children.

Allah Almighty sent Prophet Mohammad PBUH as a teacher in the world who conveyed the message of Allah to the people. The Prophet( PBUH )explained to him thousands of years ago all the methods of teaching that are being taught and are being investigated in todays modern era. In many verses in the Holy Quran have been told in many Hadith that the Holy Prophet is considered as a great teacher, all the methods ,techniques, that are being explored through modern research told them thousands years ago. Only the nations have developed who followed these principles and teachings. The teacher works as a leader , and our last Prophet Hazrat Mohammad PBUH was sent as our guider.

Teacher’s day is celebrated all over the world to praise teachers for their ability to salute the greatness of the world. The position of the teacher is very high and the teacher is given the status of spiritual father. We can get benefits only if both the teacher and the student fulfill their responsibilities honestly. It is very important for all of us to know that only good will be rewarded and evil will be punished.

Let’s just talk about Teacher’s day being celebrated all over the world.The first time teacher’s day is organized in UNESCO and every year in more than hundred countries teachers’ day is celebrated. In different countries, the day is celebrated on different dates, such as in India, the teacher’s day is celebrated on September 5th birth anniversary of Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a well-known diplomat, scholar, the President of India.

In many countries, including Pakistan, this day is celebrated on October 5th with great enthusiasm. On this day, every effort is made to give teachers their legitimate positions.They are encouraged and honoured. Lets take a look at the other side. Many of our valueable teachers are badly ignored all their abilities are forgotten. We need to improve our system. It is our firm belief that Allah will surely reward them for their good, if not in the world. Many precious diamond teachers badly ignored in this system.

Talk about teachers day salam teachers and if I don’t tribute to my teachers, it would be a matter of great regret.First of all I salute all my teachers who have come into my life till date. First teacher my dear mom, and best teacher and best friend my dear father, I pray with each breath for their high ranks. Whatever I am today, my parents’ hard work and countless prayers behind them. I deeply salute all my school teachers with whom I studied in childhood I still deeply love them. Sorry to write all the teacher’s name here. Then deeply salute to all my college teachers.

Lets turn of my most respected University teachers who are the treasure of knowledge my heartiest greetings to all the teachers. Lets talk about my own Political Science department where I took admission for my higher education. Where my teachers have a huge and very important role in shaping my personality. Lets refreshes some pleasant memories, when I first time went to the department to submit the form for M.Phil leading to PHD, and we met with Dr. Sarwar Khan, he guided and explained many things very throughtly told me all the details about the course of the M.Phil Pol. Science. When I came to university first time I, met Dr.Razia Musarrat sahiba, she was very well behaved with me,I also take tea at Madam’s office, She asked about my studies and informed me about departmental subject test and interview. In the meantime Dr. Musawer Hussain Bukhari sahib came to the office I first time I met him. Dr.Musawer Hussain Bukhari always showed the most loving kindness to all of his students. On winter evenings we sit and used the heater in the office so that we could protect ourselves from the cold. What were the golden days when we were sitting in the office and preparing for our M.Phil final exam. Our International relation Syllabus was so long. Now I laugh at the thought that we ask our teacher repeatedly, this is what you have taught us it will also come in the papers. He looked at us with great surprise ,he smiled and said obviously you will taught this all. Then we all fellows relized that our preparation is not enough to success in the good numbers. We requested dear teacher that you take our test ,he realize our anxiety, Sir decided to take our test, he pointed our mistakes and guided us and thus we prepared our final exam.Thanks Allah we all succeeded in the first division in good numbers. Working with I feels like he is not only a great teacher,it seems we work with our elder brother with a friend. He care a lot about their students.

Professor Dr.Razia Musarrat, who guided us every step. Her attitude has always been very kind and loving to me and always treated us like a friend. I can not even forget the good days when our chairperson Dr.Razia Musarrat often call in the office and she assign us written test. There we talk on various topics. We asked many problems and she very lovingly explained the solution to all our problems. She was very careful about the fact that written practice is very important for students. We did our best to follow the good advice of our dear respected teachers.

Respected Dr.Yasmin Roofi whenever we asked her anything we needed, she guided us in a very friendly manner.She is very nice and smiling personality. It is very important to mention Dr.Ijaz Latif as International Relation were part of our department. He briefed us all very well on the topic of globalization. Every aspect of globalization was very well explained. The arrival of Dr.Ijaz Latif to our department was a wonderful teacher addition.

Dr.Hameed Khan who taught us Dynamics of Pakistan was a very good teacher. Their behavior was like a gentleman he treated us as his children. His attitude towards his students was very sympathetic and like of the older man. Madam Sarfraz Batool, Dr.Shahid Bukhari Dr. Safdar are valueable,precious teachers of department of Political Science The Islamia University Bahawalpur. I deeply thank to all my respected teachers on the occasion of world Teachers Day. I pay my heartfelt tribute to all my most respected teachers.
I feel that I have no words I can thank my most respected teachers. Whatever i am today it is because of my dearest most loving parent’s prayers. My respected loving parents have always advised me that honor your teachers more than we do. My respected parents respected my teachers very much. He always emphasized my correction. The teacher is a person who plays a very important role in shaping nations.Every successful person has a successful good teacher behind him. The teachers play key role in shaping our personality. Those people who give the teacher a high place in the society ,the world values these peoples. The position of the teacher is very high. Teaching is the profession of Prophet a sacred profession, we should value it and recognize it.

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