How to encourage people towards recycling?

(Muhammad Saad Ifrahim, Karachi)

Lets recycle

Recycling may be defined as to reuse the useless stuff. In this age of pollution, recycling requires serious attention to slow down the rate of waste generation. It requires social participation and there are many ways to encourage people towards it.

In this regard, awareness should be the first step. Use print and digital media in this awareness campaign. Through articles and TV shows highlight the importance of recycling to convince public in giving better society to next generation. It is so true that thoughts become words, words become believe and believe ignites actions; try to present recycling in such a ways that it becomes the part of general believe.

It shall be a breakthrough if government complement those who participates in recycling and reuse. Do offer scholarship, provide incentives and raise the pension of participant students, employees and senior citizens respectively. It will attract nonparticipants to get the reward and once they indulge in recycling practice they will acknowledge the importance of it.

A healthy competition always gives positive results. Do organize recycling competition in every town. It will not only attract and encourage people towards it but also gives rise the innovative ways of recycling, as it is the essence of competition that everyone will try their best to get the prize.

Recycling is the current need of society that requires social participation. Awareness campaign, complementing the participants and a healthy competition are good ways to encourage people towards it.

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آپ کی رائے
Excellent efforts to describe the current topic.
By: shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi on Dec, 23 2019
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