Time To See The Discrimination At Workplace

(Nashra Jawaid, Karachi)

Time To See The Discrimination At Workplace

In today’s world discrimination has become a common problem. It is present in many different places, such as, in the stages of recruitment, development of work force, performance appraisal promotion etc. The discrimination can take place on the base of gender, age, color, cast or creed. The discrimination in an organization may leads to negative outcomes for employees and as well as employers.

Overall, 62.5% had anticipated and/or experienced discrimination in the work setting. In very high developed countries, almost 60% of respondents had stopped themselves from applying for work, education or training because of expected discrimination. Having experienced workplace discrimination was independently related to unemployment.

Women can't work in the same industries as men (Factories Act, 1934). Moreover, section 27 of Constitution of Pakistan 2010 also provides for gender based occupational segregation by saying that " specified posts or services may be reserved for members of either sex if such posts or services entail the performance of duties and functions which cannot be adequately performed by members of the other sex”. Absolutely converse to above provisions, article 18 of the Constitution gives every citizen the right to enter upon any lawful profession or occupation, and to conduct any lawful trade or business subject to qualification and licensing requirements.

Although Pakistan’s constitution forbid, in theory, discrimination based on race, religion, caste, sex, residence and place of birth, in reality this is not implemented. Pakistan has no national laws forbidding gender discrimination in hiring process, nor does the country have legislation prohibiting gender pay gaps. This insufficient labor legislation, taken together with strong cultural and religious norms, leads to challenges for women wishing to work. As a result, women make up only 22 per cent of the labor force and many female workers face harassment, intimidation and abuse.

Now the question arises how to stop discrimination?
A law in an organization must be made about discrimination, Make sure the employees know that law.
Hire the employees of diverse groups so that employees could understand different cultures and ages.
Information and training must provide to the employees about the discrimination
Managers should ensure that no discrimination is taking place in any of the departments present in the organization during every business initiative especially in hiring and firing.
Feedback of the employees must be taken by the heads of organization about day-to-day operations in the workplace.
Encourage your employees to respect the differences.
Policies about the discrimination must be properly enforced.
Review the policy regularly.

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